Rethinking Deterrence in Gray Zone Conflict

Ukraine stands as a contemporary case of a state trying to deter an adversary with robust force in the gray area between war and peace.

Review – The Myth of the Nuclear Revolution

Maren Vieluf • Sep 26 2021 • Features

Liber and Press present a strong case for a more cautious approach to continued nuclear deterrence, but seem to overlook the potential for catastophe.

Deterrence and Fear: Incorporating Emotions into the Field of Research

Amir Lupovici • Aug 20 2020 • Articles

Fear, which is a ‘basic emotion directed at a specified object that prompts an adaptive response: fight or flight’, plays a significant role in the practices of deterrence.

New Warfare Domains and the Deterrence Theory Crisis

Rizwana Abbasi • May 13 2020 • Articles

The emergence of hybrid threats and hybrid war has altered the nature of the battlefield thereby transforming the relevance of nuclear deterrence.

The Flaring Sino-Indian Security Dilemma: Is Conventional Deterrence Eroding?

Erik Herejk Ribeiro • Jan 11 2020 • Articles

Recent changes in the offense-defense balance over the Himalayas are blurring deterrence dynamics between China and India.

The US Family Separation Crisis and the Gendered Violence of Deterrence

Meghana Nayak • Oct 27 2018 • Articles

At this critical moment, there is need for comprehensive research to examine and challenge the racialized and gendered violence of migration deterrence.

Interview – Wojciech Lorenz

E-International Relations • Jan 29 2018 • Features

Wojciech Lorenz discusses the effect of the election of Donald Trump and events in Turkey on NATO, potential NATO enlargement and Poland’s current security situation.

Nuclear Abolition or Deterrence: A Nuclear Ethics Debate

Thomas E. Doyle II • Jul 29 2016 • Articles

For nuclear disarmament to succeed, it must be animated by diverse actors who have arrived at a moral consensus over the values at stake.

Review – Reconceptualising Deterrence

Sanjeev Kumar • Mar 3 2014 • Features

Lieberman’s thorough examination of the central role of deterrence in contemporary Security Studies illustrates the existing gap between theory and evidence of success.

Has Operation Pillar of Defense Enhanced Israel’s Deterrence?

Zaki Shalom • Jan 6 2013 • Articles

Operation Pillar of Defense has demonstrated Israel’s growing military capabilities, enhancing its deterrence against Hamas. Yet, this situation may not last for long.

Why doesn’t Iran back down? Iraq, Oil and Deterrence

Graeme Davies • Aug 22 2008 • Articles

Iran is unlikely to give in to US and Israeli threats because the political elite in Tehran have staked their reputation on the nuclear issue and the Iranian’s do not believe that either the United States or Israel has either the ability or the willingness to attack their facilities. If Iran has miscalculated then there is the potential that the Middle East may erupt into an enormously damaging international conflict that will have significant ramifications for the international economic system.

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