Fear in International Relations

Harald Edinger • Nov 1 2020 • Articles

Emotions and charged emotional relationships may permeate the international system and long outlast the initial cause for emotions, leaving self-sustaining fearful environments.

Fear in International Politics: The Long Shadow of State

Jayati Srivastava • Sep 22 2020 • Articles

Mainstream IR theories must further analyse fear and the mechanics of its invocation in order to better understand international politics and the complexities of fear.

Deterrence and Fear: Incorporating Emotions into the Field of Research

Amir Lupovici • Aug 20 2020 • Articles

Fear, which is a ‘basic emotion directed at a specified object that prompts an adaptive response: fight or flight’, plays a significant role in the practices of deterrence.

Fieldwork, Feelings and Failure to Be a (Proper) Security Researcher

Jan Daniel • Apr 19 2020 • Articles

Fieldwork is, among many other things, messy, and deeply frustrating and failure is unavoidable. The feelings this produces are shared by many researchers.

I Don’t Know What to Do with Myself: ‘I’ as a Tool, a Voice, and an Object in Writing

Katarina Kušić • Apr 14 2020 • Articles

In presenting a story of my own negotiation, I call for careful consideration of ‘I’ as an object, voice, and tool – and how it might entwine with hierarchies.

The Valorisation of Intimacy: How to Make Sense of Disdain, Distance and ‘Data’

Emma Mc Cluskey • Apr 14 2020 • Articles

A practical and collective reflexivity is indispensable to the type of embedded, ethnographic fieldwork so many of us are now undertaking in the field of IR.

Tears and Laughter: Affective Failure and Mis/recognition in Feminist IR Research

Lydia C. Cole • Apr 9 2020 • Articles

No one knows how or to what extent affect and failure will enter your research. So it may be reassuring to know that affect failure is not a failure of research practice.

Failing in the Reflexive and Collaborative Turns: Empire, Colonialism, Gender and the Impossibilities of North-South Collaborations

Desirée Poets • Apr 9 2020 • Articles

As Postcolonial Theory becomes accepted in the mainstream, how do we control the means through which academia aims to re-invent its as only seemingly more benign?

What Might Have Been Lost: Fieldwork and the Challenges of Translation

Renata Summa • Apr 5 2020 • Articles

The only stories that are possible to be told are the translations of ours or our interlocutors’ experiences located in particular places and in particular times.

Building on Ruins or Patching up the Possible? Reinscribing Fieldwork Failure in IR as a Productive Rupture

Failure is produced structurally but experienced personally, and is always hard to take. All academics, by virtue of being academics, are haunted by it.

Researching the Uncertain: Memory and Disappearance in Mexico

Danielle House • Apr 2 2020 • Articles

My project was framed by failure: it was impossible to conceptually and literally to understand the central issue of my project. Yet I tried to work within uncertainty.

Failing Better Together? A Stylised Conversation about Fieldwork

Johannes Gunesch and Amina Nolte • Mar 4 2020 • Articles

There is much more to critical research than publish or perish, success and failure. Supervision, collegiality, and care are crucial. ‘Failure’ must be worked through.

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