Russia and Turkey: An Ambiguous Energy Partnership

John Koutroumpis • Sep 11 2019 • Articles
Notwithstanding conflicting geopolitical calculations, the relationship between Russia and Turkey is deeply embedded in an energy-based solid economic foundation.

Interview – Jonna Nyman

E-International Relations • May 27 2019 • Features
Jonna Nyman discusses the 'energy security paradox', energy securitisation, her fieldwork in China and current research that seeks to understand security beyond the West.

Interview – Anoush Ehteshami

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2019 • Features
Prof. Ehteshami talks about his latest book on Iran, the MENA region's relationship with East Asia, the impact of sanctions on Iran, and the resurgence of Saudi Arabia.

Geopolitics of the Lebanese Crisis: Economic and Energy Perspectives

Vrushal T. Ghoble • Feb 7 2018 • Articles
Effective governance in Lebanon provided fewer opportunities for regional actors to intervene in the country keeping it aloof from the power struggle in the region.

Getting Russian Gas to Europe: Old Relationships Sprout New Wings

Morena Skalamera • Sep 20 2017 • Articles
It remains to be seen is how quickly Russia, Turkey and Hungary will embrace the new pipeline and how effective, in the lack of rules, this relationship can be.

Pakistan and the Nuclear Suppliers Group

Rizwana Abbasi • Jan 11 2017 • Articles
International arrangements promoting and facilitating the peaceful uses of nuclear technology demand revision in light of increased demand for nuclear energy security.

Securing the Energy Supply: China’s “Malacca Dilemma”

Matthew Caesar-Gordon • Feb 26 2016 • Essays
For China to ensure the future security of its energy supply, it must balance the protection of its critical sea lanes with the seeking of alternative energy sources.

The Oil of Iran: Past and Present in Perspective

Gregory Brew • Jan 19 2016 • Articles
With vast oil and gas reserves to draw upon, Iran could transform itself into an energy superpower - yet there also remains a great deal of doubt.

Yemen: A Battle for Energy Supremacy

Ashay Abbhi • May 23 2015 • Articles
Yemen is the amphitheatre where the gladiators will fight each other for the coveted prize of significant amount of resources, clout, and strengthened political will

The (Limited) Geopolitical Implications of the US Energy Boom

Diego Pagliarulo • Nov 27 2014 • Articles
The “energy revolution” is making the United States more secure in economic terms, but the geopolitical implications of this new energy boom are uncertain and risky.

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