English School

Interview – Tristen Naylor

E-International Relations • Dec 23 2019 • Features

Tristen Naylor considers the English School research agenda, his theory of ‘international social closure’, global governance, and fieldwork at the G20 and G7.

Political (In)Security in the Middle East

Yannis Stivachtis • Apr 15 2019 • Articles

Weak states are problematic because their internal politics are often violent, and their domestic insecurity often spills over to disrupt the security of neighbouring states.

The Challenges to Middle Eastern International Society: A Study in Disorder

Onur Erpul • Nov 11 2018 • Articles

The Middle East is in a state of flux in which power politics and threats narrow states’ security interests to within their borders, which hampers the effective functioning of a regional society.

The English School World Society Debate: A Forum Article

Edited by A.C.McKeil and Yannis Stivatchis • Mar 16 2018 • Articles

The political world beyond society of states plays a significant role in world politics and as such world society remains squarely on the agenda of the English School.

Introducing the English School in International Relations Theory

Yannis Stivachtis • Feb 23 2018 • Articles

The English school offers insights into the potential of stabilising international society by embedding ideas not just in the minds of political and economic elites but also in the minds of ordinary citizens.

Beginner’s Textbook – International Relations Theory

E-International Relations • Nov 30 2017 • Features

A lively, readable and relevant foundational introduction to IR theory that will help students to see not only what theories are, but why they matter.

Review – Martin Wight on Fortune and Irony in Politics

Luca G. Castellin • Feb 8 2017 • Features

This title offers a new and interesting contribution, not only for the English school, but also for the entire discipline of International Relations.

Review – Ethics, Diversity and World Politics: Saving Pluralism From Itself

Davide Orsi • Jan 13 2017 • Features

John Williams provides essential insights for anyone with interest in ethical pluralism in contemporary politics, and sets the agenda for future research in this field.

International Relations Theory

Dana Gold and Stephen McGlinchey • Jan 9 2017 • Articles

The approaches in IR theory each possess a legitimate, yet different, view. They offer a means by which to attempt to understand a complex and frequently changing world.

Online Resources – the English School

E-International Relations • Jan 5 2017 • Online resources

A collection of resources introducing, and exploring, the English School of International Relations.

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