An Ontological Reading of Turkey’s AK Party – Gülen Movement Conflict

Arslan Ayan • Jul 21 2019 • Articles
An alliance that once existed gradually turned to conflict post-2010 because both sides began to fear an erosion in their self-identities as a source of distinctiveness.

Adding ‘T’ to BRICS: A NATO Ally in Transition

Arslan Ayan • Jul 9 2019 • Articles
Turkey's increasing aspiration to become a member of the BRICS grouping holds economic, political, and ontological benefits for it, but will a "T" be added to BRICS soon?

Interview – Selim Koru

E-International Relations • Apr 26 2018 • Features
Analyst Selim Koru shares his views on Turkey's relations with Russia and its Western allies, its approach to Islamic State, the Kurdish PKK and the peace process.

Turkey’s Operation in Syria and the Future of the Syrian Civil War

Burak Cop • Sep 26 2016 • Articles
Erdoğan and his allies need to come to terms with the reality that the only way to foster Syrian national unity is to have cordial relations with Syrian Arab Republic.

Conservative Authoritarianism in Turkey

Çağlar Ezikoğlu • Aug 23 2016 • Articles
Erdogan stands against intellectuals or elites in Turkey because these groups are identified as a ‘possible enemy’ for the lower classes, who support Erdogan/the AKP.

A Cynical Report Card on the Turkish Game of Thrones

Oğuzhan Göksel • Aug 13 2016 • Articles
Since 2013, Turkey has been struggling with intense political instability. Yet after the recent coup was defeated, President Erdoğan has consolidated his hegemony.

The Unresolved Internal Struggle beyond the Turkish Coup

Marianna Charountak • Aug 9 2016 • Articles
Turkey’s redefinition of itself on the basis of a clear strategy and vision both internally and externally will determine the future nature of the Turkish political structure.

Using Civil War to Build an Authoritarian Regime: Turkey’s Policy towards Syria

Burak Bilgehan Özpek • Jun 30 2016 • Articles
The AKP government’s policy towards Syria has produced repercussions affecting Turkey’s global relations and given rise to authoritarian tendencies in domestic realm.

A Berlin-Ankara Axis against Satire?

Robert A. Saunders • Apr 20 2016 • Articles
In the context of a highly charged political environment, we are seeing that European values associated with free speech might just be more malleable than once thought.

Presidential Elections in Turkey: The Victory of a ‘New State of Affairs’

Nikos Moudouros • Sep 20 2014 • Articles
Turkey's presidential developments mark two processes. First, reinstating the conflict around the position of political Islam. Second, a post-Western foreign policy.

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