Pluriversal Peacebuilding: Peace Beyond Epistemic and Ontological Violence

Garrett FitzGerald • Nov 27 2021 • Articles

Pluriversal peace may play important roles in navigating inevitable conflicts in the shared pursuit of a world in which different ways of knowing and being can coexist.

Fieldwork, Failure, International Relations

Katarina Kušić and Jakub Záhora • Mar 30 2020 • Articles

This volume aims to unsettle the silence that surrounds fieldwork failure in both methods training and academic publications by evaluating Ph.D researchers experiences.

Interview – Kwame Anthony Appiah

E-International Relations • Oct 15 2019 • Features

Kwame Anthony Appiah talks about cosmopolitanism, identity, moral progress, Afrocentrism, what Black History Month means to him and gives some advice for young scholars.

Interview – Jonna Nyman

E-International Relations • May 27 2019 • Features

Jonna Nyman discusses the ‘energy security paradox’, energy securitisation, her fieldwork in China and current research that seeks to understand security beyond the West.

Review – Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World

Daniel Braaten • Oct 25 2018 • Features

Samuel Moyn argues that the human rights movement has done nothing to stop inequality from emerging and accelerating, and it is not up to the task of reversing it.

Realism: Tragedy, Power and the Refugee Crisis

Felix Rösch and Richard Ned Lebow • Jan 18 2018 • Articles

Realism does not provide a one-stop solution to the refugee crisis, but it acts as a critical corrective to political discourses that securitise refugees.

Review – Reconstructing Human Rights

Davide Orsi • Nov 26 2017 • Features

This remarkable and innovative book offers an original understanding of human rights and contributes to the reflection on the nature and role of political theory.

Review – Ethics, Diversity and World Politics: Saving Pluralism From Itself

Davide Orsi • Jan 13 2017 • Features

John Williams provides essential insights for anyone with interest in ethical pluralism in contemporary politics, and sets the agenda for future research in this field.

Time Creators and Time Creatures in the Ethics of World Politics

Kimberly Hutchings • Jul 24 2016 • Articles

A heterotemporal orientation decentres the position of the ethical theorist by questioning the assumption of a fusion between his or her particular present and ‘the’ present of world politics.

Thinking About Ethics, Thinking Across Fields

Nicholas Onuf • Jun 22 2016 • Articles

A distaste for liberal utilitarianism could serve as common ground for mounting any campaign for a coherent alternative to modern ethical systems.

Review – Ethics and Global Security

Fiona Robinson • May 12 2016 • Features

Burke et al. offer refreshingly optimistic thinking on security. Their book is required reading for anyone interested in, and concerned about, our common future.

Four Things I Don’t like about the Advance Discussion of Eye in the Sky

Martin Coward • Apr 15 2016 • Articles

Does the movie ‘Eye in the Sky’ really provide insight into targeted killing? Here are four reasons why we ought to be suspicious.

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