European Security

Review: The Political Economy of European Security

Antonio Calcara • Aug 15 2018 • Features
A timely and very innovative analysis of the relationships between interest groups and EU institutions in the fields of justice, home affairs and defence.

European Defence at a Crossroads

Robert Clark • Jun 29 2018 • Articles
The recent emergence of the EU as a regional defence actor is gradually eroding the notion of the traditional Anglo-American driven European defence leadership of NATO.

Security and the Brexit Effect

Anand Menon • Jan 17 2017 • Articles
Brexit will neither strengthen, nor obviously weaken, the Common Security and Defence Policy. It may, however, reduce the UK’s ability to contribute to European security.

European Defence after Brexit: Flying on One Engine?

Sven Biscop • Jan 9 2017 • Articles
Despite Brexit, if a threat to European interests warrants military action, in Europe’s periphery or beyond, the UK is more likely to be part of the action than not.

European Response to Security Threats: Limitations and An Alternative

Mohamed Charfi • Jan 16 2016 • Articles
Hard-line security actions could be necessary to reassure the public and to prevent further strikes. However, they have proven their limits in the very recent past.

The European Council’s “Strategic Agenda”: an Agenda, Maybe, but not Strategic

Jolyon Howorth • Jul 16 2014 • Articles
If the "Strategic Agenda" is the result of a lowest common denominator word-processing exercise from within the Council Secretariat, then it serves no useful purpose.

European Security and Defence: An Overview

Anja Opitz • Jan 15 2014 • Articles
The debate on EU foreign policy must contain both the theoretical analysis as well as the in-depth “heart-searching” discussions between actors, scholars and practitioners involved in the CSDP.

European Integration and Security Epistemic Communities

Mai’a K. Davis Cross • Jan 9 2014 • Articles
Cohesive epistemic communities are more likely to be persuasive diplomatic actors, achieving security goals that would have otherwise been very difficult if left to the member states alone.

Lampedusa and Marketized Surveillance in the Mediterranean: A Political Drama in Two Acts

Emma Carmel • Oct 25 2013 • Articles
The Lampedusa crisis will primarily serve to rationalize intensified surveillance of the maritime domain and the creation of market opportunities in an increasingly securitized Mediterranean.

European Defence Policy: An Economic Perspective

Keith Hartley • Sep 20 2013 • Articles
European defence policy cannot ignore economic dimensions. Falling defence budgets and rising costs mean that difficult choices are ahead for nation states, the EU, and national defence industries.

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