Negotiations in the Field: Citizenship, Political Belonging and Appearance

Sezer İdil Göğüş • Apr 21 2020 • Articles
It's important to be aware that negotiations can be faced in the field before entering it and to know that such feelings of fear, failure, and discomfort are expected. 

Reproducing the European Gaze Through Reflexivity: The Limits of Calling Out Failures

Ewa Maczynska • Apr 19 2020 • Articles
There is a need to problematise the notion of ‘failure’ through its reliance on and reproduction of reflexivity as a positioned practice advocated by scholars.

Fieldwork, Feelings and Failure to Be a (Proper) Security Researcher

Jan Daniel • Apr 19 2020 • Articles
Fieldwork is, among many other things, messy, and deeply frustrating and failure is unavoidable. The feelings this produces are shared by many researchers.

Fieldwork and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Kodili Henry Chukwuma • Apr 18 2020 • Articles
Research institutions could provide training programmes that addresses the issue of a global pandemic in the context of carrying out research related activities such as fieldwork.

Attuning to Alterity: From Depression to Fieldwork

Jakub Záhora • Apr 17 2020 • Articles
I realised that thinking about the impact my condition has on my work enables me to objectify my mental states, detach myself from these experiences and understand them.

The Limits of Control? Conducting Fieldwork at the United Nations

Holger Niemann • Apr 17 2020 • Articles
We should strive for greater transparency in acknowledging the complexity of our fields, as well as the confusion our own situatedness can cause in the research process.

I Don’t Know What to Do with Myself: ‘I’ as a Tool, a Voice, and an Object in Writing

Katarina Kušić • Apr 14 2020 • Articles
In presenting a story of my own negotiation, I call for careful consideration of ‘I’ as an object, voice, and tool – and how it might entwine with hierarchies.

The Valorisation of Intimacy: How to Make Sense of Disdain, Distance and ‘Data’

Emma Mc Cluskey • Apr 14 2020 • Articles
A practical and collective reflexivity is indispensable to the type of embedded, ethnographic fieldwork so many of us are now undertaking in the field of IR.

Tears and Laughter: Affective Failure and Mis/recognition in Feminist IR Research

Lydia C. Cole • Apr 9 2020 • Articles
No one knows how or to what extent affect and failure will enter your research. So it may be reassuring to know that affect failure is not a failure of research practice.

Failing in the Reflexive and Collaborative Turns: Empire, Colonialism, Gender and the Impossibilities of North-South Collaborations

Desirée Poets • Apr 9 2020 • Articles
As Postcolonial Theory becomes accepted in the mainstream, how do we control the means through which academia aims to re-invent its as only seemingly more benign?

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