Global IR

Review – International Relations from the Global South

Maiken Gelardi • Jun 25 2021 • Features

Arlene Tickner and Karen Smith give us a tool that enables us to teach IR in a way that transcends the conventional western-centric lens.

Review – Sufism: A Theoretical Intervention in Global International Relations

Faiz Sheikh • Dec 8 2020 • Features

A fascinating book which covers a new ontological, epistemological and methodological approach for IR, as well as more empirically grounded studies of Sufism in practice.

Comparative Regionalism’s Decolonial Turn: A Proposition

Densua Mumford • Oct 3 2020 • Articles

Through increased dialogue across various regions, comparative regionalism might evolve from being a field of colonial constructs to becoming a field of pluralistic dialogue.

Fear and the Security Dilemma in Jawaharlal Nehru’s Political Thought

Ameya Pratap Singh • Aug 3 2020 • Articles

Building on Nehru, it is time to stop treating fear as merely an epiphenomenon of material or discursive factors.

From Realism’s Disciplinary Dominance to a More Global IR

Michiel Foulon and Gustav Meibauer • Jul 23 2020 • Articles

If realists forgo exploring new avenues to address criticism, they may miss opportunities to contribute to a more global discipline and to better explain grand strategy beyond the West.

International Relations Theory: Still a White Man’s Burden

Seema Narain • May 29 2020 • Articles

Decentring the IR discipline from a westphalian spotlight to a more objective analysis of the international system and international society is in order.

Review – The Making of Global International Relations

Stephen Michael Christian • May 28 2020 • Features

This book demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of International Relations, however incorporating disability studies could stimulate Acharya and Buzan to self-reflect.

Calling for Reflexive Solidarity in International Relations

Yong-Soo Eun • May 12 2020 • Articles

By bringing reflexive solidary to our debate on the problem of Western-centred IR, new and diverse ways of ‘doing’ IR and thus ‘knowing’ international relations can flourish.

The Trap of Diversity: What Constitutes ‘Non-Western IR Theory’?

Ferran Perez Mena • May 8 2020 • Articles

The production of non-Western International thought as the knowledge produced by societies beyond the territories of the West has reinforced new forms of essentialism in IR.

Black History Month Interviews

E-International Relations • Oct 31 2019 • Features

To celebrate Black History Month we asked former interviewees whether they think the discipline of IR has made important strides to equally incorporate people of colour.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Towards a Global IR?

Amitav Acharya • Jun 28 2019 • Student Features

By widening the concept of agency, global IR puts center stage the voices of the South, its perspectives on global order and the dynamics of North–South relations.

Interview – Raúl Salgado

E-International Relations • May 2 2019 • Features

Raúl Salgado talks to us about geopolitics and regionalism in Latin America, the role of small states in regional integration, UNASUR, and Brazil’s role within BRICS.

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