Human Terrain System

The Truth About Human Terrain Teams: An Evidence-Based Response to Gian Gentile

Michael Davies • Sep 21 2013 • Articles
The lessons to be learnt from HTT's are important and should be studied because the past decade of war demands nothing less than our best to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated.

The Ivory Tower Disconnect: Going Beyond Terrorism Experts Out of Academe

Dan G. Cox • Aug 21 2013 • Articles
There is a disconnect between political science research and practical policy outcomes. This will continue until there is a real movement to break the elitist nature of academic ivory towers.

An Open Rebuttal to Gian Gentile’s Article on Counterinsurgency

Terry Tucker • Aug 20 2013 • Articles
Gian Gentile's article on COIN ignores literature that weigh stability and combat operations equally. The key failure of COIN has been not understanding how to integrate the multiple levels required.

Counterinsurgency: The Graduate Level of War or Pure Hokum?

Gian Gentile • Aug 3 2013 • Articles
The US Army’s counterinsurgency manual calls COIN the “graduate level of war.” But, the idea that enlightened soldiers were required to win a war is hokum.

The Human Terrain System in Northeast Baghdad: The View From The Team Level

Peter W. Pierce and Robert M. Kerr • Aug 20 2012 • Articles
Rather than debating the ethics of social science in military operations, this article provides an inside account of the Human Terrain concept in a culturally complex area: northeast Baghdad.

Jus En Bello Isn’t Enough: Human Terrain, COIN and a Reasonable Chance for Success

Brent J. Steele • Aug 6 2012 • Articles
With words like ‘morality’ and 'warfare' peppering the Human Terrain debate, it is surprising that the program hasn’t been widely discussed with reference to the Just War tradition.

Extremist Islam and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and Iraq

Jeffrey Haynes • Jul 23 2012 • Articles
Recent conflicts have highlighted how religion and identity are central to security issues. The question remains as to what extent individual conflict zones are facets of a wider, transnational war which pits the ‘West’ against al Qaeda?

Military Ethics and Cultural Knowledge

George R. Lucas Jr. • Mar 20 2012 • Articles
Each approach has its own inherent limitations. The human terrain approach was a ‘quick-fix’. But maybe the US Air Force's model of cross-cultural competence offers more promise.

Identimetrics: Operationalizing Identity in Counterinsurgency Operations

Michael W. Mosser • Mar 20 2012 • Articles
Identimetrics adds identity to the operational and strategic context of counterinsurgency, which must be considered when operating in foreign environments and within foreign cultures.

HTS Redux: A “Halfie” Calls for an Anthropology of the Military

David Bayendor • Mar 1 2012 • Articles
If we insist on using our military as a tool of diplomacy then it is essential that cultural training be a core part of the military skill set.

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