Identity Politics

Interview – David Runciman

E-International Relations • Feb 13 2019 • Features
David Runciman discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on democracy, the link between conspiracy theories and technology and his views on identity politics.

Why (Clash of) Civilizations Discourses Just Won’t Go Away? Understanding the Civilizational Politics of Our Times

Gregorio Bettiza and Fabio Petito • May 1 2018 • Articles
Identity politics has opened up the space for civilizations to reassert themselves as crucial discursive vectors of contemporary antagonisms.

Discourse, Power, and Subjectivity in Global Politics

Ty Solomon • Nov 18 2016 • Articles
IR often ignores the political forces that shape which discourse prevails. Discourse and emotional investments in “we-ness” shape foreign policy from BREXIT to the GWOT.

Introducing ‘Subaltern States’

Patricia J. Sohn • Oct 20 2016 • Articles
This new blog focuses on less powerful or marginalized states, peoples, movements, or ideas within their domestic or regional contexts, or within the international system.

Russians in Ukraine: Before and after Euromaidan

Mikhail Pogrebinskiy • Mar 26 2015 • Articles
The 2014 Euromaidan and the following conflict have reinforced negative attitudes to, and marginalisation of, Russians and the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine.

Lebanon’s Hizbullah

Atef Alshaer • Mar 24 2015 • Articles
Ethnic motivations underlying Hizbullah’s politics acting upon the perceived interests of the Shiite community in Lebanon are likely to further erode its legitimacy.

Understanding the Other Ukraine: Identity and Allegiance in Russophone Ukraine

Nicolai N. Petro • Mar 13 2015 • Articles
In the traditionally Russophone regions of Ukraine, political conflict arises whenever the legitimacy of Russian culture is challenged.

Review – U.S.-Iran Misperceptions: A Dialogue

Ghoncheh Tazmini • Aug 17 2014 • Features
Though Maleki and Tirman's work describes the roots of US-Iran (mis)perception, their effort ultimately fails as a work of academic merit for exactly that reason.

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