International Development

Global Poverty and Wealth

James Arvanitakis and David J. Hornsby • Jan 15 2017 • Articles

One of the major conundrums of our world is that poverty still exists amidst extreme wealth. Economic processes have lifted many out of poverty but have failed to mitigate income and wealth inequality.

Interview – Gilles Carbonnier

E-International Relations • Dec 18 2016 • Features

Gilles Carbonnier outlines his approach to humanitarian economics, reflects on recent changes in the humanitarian sector, and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration.

Interview – Prince El-Waleed M. Madibo

E-International Relations • Dec 3 2016 • Features

Prince Madibo talks about constructing and running a government in Sudan, the importance of coexistence, and theory and practice of development.

Is Natural Resource-Based Development Still Realistic for Africa?

Jesse Salah Ovadia • Feb 10 2016 • Articles

In a world of low oil prices, local content can make petro-development more realistic for African oil and gas producers, not less.

The Sustainable Development Goals: An Assessment of Ambition

Mitu Sengupta • Jan 18 2016 • Articles

The SDGs provide global recognition to a broad spectrum of achievements, besides economic growth, that have come to be associated with ‘development’.

Inter-Religious Work for Peace through Globalised Transnational Civil Society

Pauline Kollontai • Dec 28 2015 • Articles

Inter-religious transnational actors, like Religions for Peace, are assisting in the creation of global civil society by involving women in community development.

Global Christian Networks for Human Dignity

Allen D. Hertzke • Dec 14 2015 • Articles

Perhaps we stand at a hinge point of Christian history as the faith’s contribution to dignity and freedom becomes more fully manifest and global.

United by Strength or Oppression? A Critique of the Western Model of Feminism

Ioana Cerasella Chis • Sep 29 2015 • Essays

The white, Western model of feminism complies and converges with the development-industrial complex such that the concerns of women in the Global South are distorted.

Review – Volunteer Tourism in the Global South

Cori Jakubiak • Sep 21 2015 • Features

Examining our attachments to ethical consumption practices such as volunteer tourism, Vrasti’s book sheds light on its links to capitalism and neoliberal subjectivity.

Accountability, Peace, Development and Democracy in Bangladesh

Paulo Casaca • Jul 24 2015 • Articles

The European Union should promote a dialogue between political forces in Bangladesh that will allow a return to stability and normal democratic means to contest power.

A Balanced Perception of Religion in International Relations

Joanna Kulska • Jul 9 2015 • Articles

As religion is not expected to disappear, there is an urgent need to use it advantageously in making the world more secure and to make its positive potential more known.

Interview – Ronaldo Munck

E-International Relations • May 25 2015 • Features

Professor Munck discusses labour movement responses to neoliberal restructuring, Gramscian perspectives on Latin America, and the contemporary relevance of Marxism.

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