Iranian Nuclear Program

Interview – Frank Sauer

E-International Relations • Mar 30 2021 • Features

Frank Sauer discusses the Iran Nuclear Deal, the ‘nuclear taboo’ and deterrence, nuclear sharing, and several treaties on nuclear weapons, including the New START, NPT, and TPNW.

Trump is Right About Iran, Yet Wrong

Alam Saleh • Jul 25 2019 • Articles

President Trump has inherited a limited range and scope of choices in confronting Iran. Right or wrong, he has no option in dealing with Iran but to deal with Iran.

Becoming a ‘Responsible Power’?: China’s New Role During the JCPOA Negotiations

Daniel Johanson • Apr 4 2019 • Articles

When U.N. requirements were not met by Iran, China allowed stricter sanctions to be passed. Each time, China’s goal was to have Iran come back to the negotiating table.

Hegemonic Aspirations and Middle East Discord: The Case of Iran

Ali G. Dizboni and Sofwat Omar • Nov 25 2018 • Articles

Iran plays a major role in regional issues and will continue to do so in order to protect or uphold the safety and security of the Shia Crescent. It is increasingly becoming the regional hegemon.

The United States’ “Withdrawal” from the Iran Nuclear Deal

Daniel H. Joyner • Aug 21 2018 • Articles

The Iran nuclear deal is a novel solution to a problem in international relations with the potential to lead to war. The US had no basis for its decision to abandon it.

An International Relations Perspective on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Martin Beck • Aug 8 2018 • Articles

The deal problematically upheld the image of Iran going nuclear as a horror scenario to be prevented, cementing the securitization of Iran’s case without re-politicizing Israel’s nuclear status.

Interview – Michael Stephens

E-International Relations • Oct 26 2017 • Features

RUSI’s Michael Stephens answers questions on the recent referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, Trump’s Middle East policy, developments in Syria and the Iran nuclear deal.


Stephen McGlinchey • Jan 8 2017 • Articles

In today’s interconnected world, effective and skilful diplomacy is vital to ensure that humankind can navigate an ever-growing list of shared challenges that may be our undoing if left unresolved.

The Legacy of the Obama Administration

Glen Segell • Oct 30 2016 • Articles

During Obama’s tenure America’s global leadership has declined to its lowest ebb leaving some allies to wonder how much they can rely on the US.

Dealing Reform: Iranian Domestic Politics after the Nuclear Deal

Sidra Hamidi • May 15 2016 • Articles

The success of the US-Iran nuclear talks shows the limits of the Obama doctrine in accomplishing the kind of social change that many reformists would like to see.

Interview – Ali G. Scotten

E-International Relations • Mar 22 2016 • Features

Ali G. Scotten discusses the significance of the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran’s changing relations with the US, and the political split between reformers and hardliners.

Strategic Narratives and Iranian Foreign Policy into the Rouhani Era

Edward Wastnidge • Mar 10 2016 • Articles

Rouhani is more of a pragmatic moderate in the mould of former President Hashemi-Rafsanjani, and his approach has the blessing of the Supreme Leader Khamenei.

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