Interview – Muqtedar Khan

E-International Relations • Mar 20 2022 • Features

Muqtedar Khan discusses current global geopolitics, challenges for the Muslim world, as well as his vision for Islamic democracy and governance.

Interview – Tariq Modood

E-International Relations • Jan 17 2021 • Features

Tariq Modood talks about the relationship between secularism and multiculturalism, as well as free speech and the role of political satire.

Hunger Strikes, Iran and Universal Human Rights

Alison Assiter • Jul 18 2019 • Articles

The notion of a human right, enshrined in the UN Convention, is nonetheless vital in the context of the rise of the far right and the rise of religious fundamentalism.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Securitisation Theory and ISIS

Clara Eroukhmanoff • Jul 16 2019 • Student Features

Through securitisation theory threat magnification that results in certain counterterrorism strategies, which often serve political ends, can be exposed.

Unmasking ‘Religious’ Conflicts and Religious Radicalisation in the Middle East

Bettina Koch • May 17 2019 • Articles

When one discusses conflicts that may have a religious background, it is mandatory to question when and under what circumstances does a conflict qualify as a ‘religious’.

Review – Race, Gender, and Culture in International Relations

Lisa Tilley • Apr 11 2019 • Features

The book crafts unique and insightful approaches to security, political economy, nationalism and IR which build upon a wealth of scholarship on race, gender, and culture.

The Changing Security Dimension of China’s Relations with Xinjiang

Claudia Zanardi • Mar 31 2019 • Articles

China acknowledges the threat to Xinjiang’s stability and blames hostile foreign forces for backing the spreading of democratic values and the insurgency in Xinjiang.

The Iranian Revolution at 40: Shifting Grounds, Continuing Resilience

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • Mar 14 2019 • Articles

Despite challenges, the Islamic Republic is here to stay with its military and social capacity to defend itself from foreign aggression and domestic intervention.

Only Francis Could Go to Arabia

Robert J. Joustra • Feb 18 2019 • Articles

The Pope’s visit to the United Arab Emirates signals that the Gulf states have much to gain and little to lose from aligning themselves with the West.

Interview – Selim Koru

E-International Relations • Apr 26 2018 • Features

Analyst Selim Koru shares his views on Turkey’s relations with Russia and its Western allies, its approach to Islamic State, the Kurdish PKK and the peace process.

Tracing Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Thesis in the Alternative for Germany

Jan Lüdert • Apr 25 2018 • Articles

The question becomes not whether Islam is a threat to stability but whether radicalization within diverse cultures is at the heart of whipping up the very conflict they seek to end.

The (New) ‘Clash of Civilizations’: Migration and Terrorism

Ana Isabel Xavier • Apr 24 2018 • Articles

Dangerous ties are being nourished in Europe while we witness the growth of populist movements against refugees and migrants claiming a connection between Islam and terrorism.

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