The Case of UN Involvement in Jammu and Kashmir

Stephen P. Westcott • May 29 2020 • Articles
The Security Council limited the Kashmiri people to accession into either India or Pakistan, in fact privileging another norm: the existing sovereign state’s rights.

Fixing Ruptured Masculinities: Reflections from Kashmir

Amya Agarwal • Feb 26 2019 • Articles
A façade of nationalism, security and religion is successfully curated under which the masculine politics dances relentlessly.

India and Pakistan: Formalizing the 2003 Ceasefire Agreement

Saeed Ahmed Rid • Feb 8 2018 • Articles
If the 2003 ceasefire between India and Pakistan is formalised with clear rules and regulations it should reduce the chances of future ceasefire violations.

A Realist Explanation for India’s Rejection to the US Offer of Mediation

Despite the exchange of courtesies between Modi and Trump, the Indian government has refused any direct third-party role in resolving its issues with Pakistan.

Conflict in Kashmir: From the Ground Up

Emma Brännlund • Nov 30 2016 • Articles
As long as the world does not pay attention to the Kashmiri narrative, Kashmir will see many more periods of agitation, disruption and protest.

When is Secession Justified? The Kashmir Case

Neera Chandhoke • Sep 21 2016 • Articles
The right of secession should be taken seriously, used sparingly, and justified rigorously. For that the right can best be likened to the right of euthanasia.

India-Pakistan Relations: A Brief Survey of the Evolving Conflict Terrain

Kamaldeep Singh Sandhu • Mar 21 2016 • Articles
It is pertinent for India to realise that the use of force, which comes with risk of self-destruction, will not coerce neighbours to change course, even for its own good.

Is the India-Pakistan Conflict Really Intractable?

Saeed Ahmed Rid • Mar 1 2016 • Articles
The issue of terrorism must be delinked from the peace dialogue and sports exchanges, as well as people-to-people contacts, in order for a more durable peace process.

The Perilous Path of India-Pakistan Relations, Post-Pathankot

Michael Kugelman • Jan 26 2016 • Articles
The terror attack on India’s Pathankot air base may have failed to derail the India-Pakistan dialogue, yet the future and success of these talks remain highly uncertain.

Review – Women and Militant Wars: The Politics of Injury

Zuzana Hrdličková • Aug 14 2014 • Features
Despite some imprecisions, Parashar’s insightful case studies highlight an under-discussed topic: the politics of militant women and the gendered understanding of war.

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