Mercosur-Pacific Alliance Convergence: Moving Forward or Moving Nowhere?

Julia Borba Goncalves • Jul 24 2020 • Articles

The Mercosur-Pacific Alliance’s ‘Plan of Action’ provides the opportunity to reestablish regional coordination and integration in Latin America.

Perspectives on the Newly Elected Fernández’s Foreign Policy

Janina Onuki and Tamiris Burin • Jan 25 2020 • Articles

Following the October 2019 Argentine election, changes within the government may lead to changes in foreign policy towards Brazil, the IMF, Mercosur, the EU and China.

Latin American Integration: The Dilemma

Luis Fernando Vargas-Alzate • Oct 10 2019 • Articles

Latin American integration is difficult due to lack of conceptual comprehension (by practitioners) and low political commitment, especially regarding supra-nationalism.

Interview – Andrés Malamud

E-International Relations • Sep 26 2019 • Features

Andrés Malamud discusses the challenges of Latin and South American regional integration along with the changing policy and political goals within the region.

The New EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement: a New Breath to Free Trade

Vivian Daniele Rocha Gabriel • Sep 4 2019 • Articles

The EU-MERCOSUR Trade Agreement should be seen as a reaction to protectionism, it means that the international rule-oriented order is still alive for important actors.

Brazilian Foreign Policy under President Bolsonaro: What Should We Expect?

Paulo Afonso Velasco Junior • Nov 14 2018 • Articles

Brazil is seemingly seeking a greater international presence with Bolsonaro, probably reviewing many of the guidelines that prevailed in the 2000s.

Online Resources – Mercosur

E-International Relations • Jul 5 2018 • Online resources

A brief introduction to Mercosur, with links and media to further explore.

Global South Perspectives on International Relations Theory

Global South perspectives open up the possibility of different, fairer relations that represent the interests of all concerned and challenge international institutions to be more representative.

Mercosur in South America: A Cooperative, Shared, or Consensual Hegemony?

Fernando Jose Ludwig • Sep 19 2012 • Articles

Hegemonic power exerted by Brazil towards the region presupposes a certain degree of legitimacy, supported by other states (in this case, Mercosur member states), with consent of internal strata which occupy current hegemonic positions.

The Lightning Impeachment of Paraguay’s President Lugo

Peter Lambert • Aug 9 2012 • Articles

The decision by the Paraguayan Chamber of Deputies to impeach President Fernando Lugo revealed the major fault lines of Paraguay’s transition to democracy. It was a political crisis waiting to happen.

Latin America’s International Projection: Trends and Trajectories for 2012

Gian Luca Gardini • Mar 29 2012 • Articles

Three trends are likely to characterise the global projection of Latin America in 2012: the rise of Brazil; the mushrooming of projects supposedly aimed at promoting Latin American unity; and summitry with the US, the EU, and China.

Brazil’s Mercosur Economic Strategy: From Destiny to Impairment

Carlos Pio • Oct 28 2011 • Articles

Today, Mercosur is more of a dysfunctional set of rules, decision-making procedures and abstract principles rather than a well-functioning case of open regionalism. Mercosur’s inoperativeness condemns its member countries to remain relatively isolated from the dynamic developments taking place in the global economy.

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