The Myth of Multipolarity and Overexpansion of Rising Powers: The Case of Brazil

Luis L. Schenoni • Nov 11 2019 • Articles
Brazil over-expanded considerably in the first decades of the 21st century in a process that was fuelled by domestic interest groups as well as a myth of multipolarity.

Review – Multipolar Globalization: Emerging Economies and Development

Sérgio Costa • Sep 19 2018 • Features
This book presents a clear and convincing argument for the shift from a Western centered globalization to a multipolar one and also considers multicentric perspectives.

The (Near) Impossibility of a Coherent National Strategy, and Why That Is Okay

Jason Schultz • Jul 24 2017 • Articles
Instead of worrying about developing a Grand Strategy, leaders and pundits should worry about tackling problems on a day-to-day basis.

Review – Splinterlands

Richard W. Coughlin • Jan 21 2017 • Features
Feffer's novel is a compelling, short and readable account of what may happen to our world when forms of global integration disintegrate and there is no common future.

Review – Asia’s New Battlefield

Laura Southgate • Mar 26 2016 • Features
A comprehensive analysis of the current battle for primacy in the Western Pacific which would be of benefit to students, academics, policy-makers and the general public.

Review – Russia and the New World Disorder

Joseph Larsen • Nov 27 2015 • Features
An informative and lucid scholarly contribution that expertly blends the domestic and international to offer a compelling account of how policy is made in Russia.

Review Article – The BRICs and International Relations

Ray Kiely • Nov 21 2015 • Features
These two academically rigorous books serve as valuable guides to the relations among BRICs and provide engaging analyses on their impact on international order.

LGBT Rights, Standards of ‘Civilisation’ and the Multipolar World Order

Katja Kahlina and Dušica Ristivojević • Sep 10 2015 • Articles
LGBT rights have been turned into an important site where the on-going restructuring of symbolic and geopolitical hierarchies at the global level has been played out.

Evolving Canadian Multilateralism

Robert W. Murray • Sep 26 2014 • Articles
Every state's foreign policy should be designed to maximize security and pursue national interests. But Canada's current approach may not lead to the desired outcomes.

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