Review – Navies and Maritime Policies in the South Atlantic

Andrea L. F. Resende de Souza • Jun 24 2020 • Features

Essential reading for those interested in maritime security; the book provides a careful insight into the issues and threats to maritime policies in the South Atlantic.

Naval Powers: European Landscape Re-shuffled

Eric Thompson • Oct 7 2018 • Articles

After a record amount of peace-time, several historical naval powers have drifted away from military preparedness putting European security at stake.

Prestige and Naval Power: A Look at India and China

Robert Potter • Aug 21 2012 • Articles

In modern times the transforming of a country into a great power has traditionally coincided with the development of a powerful navy. Both India and China are progressing towards this end.

Factors Fuelling China’s Expanding Maritime Operations

Chietigj Bajpaee • Jul 10 2012 • Articles

China’s traditional inward-looking nature is gradually giving way to a more expansive maritime presence, as demonstrated in both Beijing’s rhetoric and actions. Despite myriad regional maritime disputes, naval cooperation in the Asia-Pacific remains both possible and desirable.

China’s Leisurely Aircraft-Carrier Ambitions

James Holmes • Mar 10 2011 • Articles

The enduring mismatch between the US and Chinese fleets is no guarantee of an equally lasting US naval supremacy in the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Beijing is pursuing imaginative antiship missile technology. If rocketeers stationed ashore can keep the US Navy out of important waters, the Chinese Navy can accomplish its goals, even with an inferior fleet.

Nuclear breakthrough for the Indian navy?

David Scott • Jul 27 2009 • Articles

July 26 2009 saw a milestone reached by the Indian navy at Vishakapatnam, their eastern Command centre, as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh formally launched India’s own domestically produced 6,000 ton nuclear powered submarine, INS Arihant. Has the moment arrived when the Indian navy achieves blue water status with a reliable nuclear deterrent?

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