Interview – Jan Lüdert

E-International Relations • Nov 15 2021 • Features

Jan Lüdert discusses normative practices of appropriateness, challenges to state sovereignty, decision-making in the United Nations, and pedagogies in international relations.

Prosecuting Heads of State: Sovereignty Immunity and the Anti-Impunity Norm

Yuna Han • Jul 16 2021 • Articles

Black-boxing the internal structure of the norm pushes us to think about contestation surrounding particular behavioural prescriptions in overly dichotomous terms.

Norms, Norm Violations, and IR Theory

Scott N. Romaniuk and Francis Grice • Nov 15 2018 • Articles

With the shift from a unipolar world to a multipolar one, understanding the interactions between strong powers and norms, norm violations, and norm shifts is important.

Norm Contestation, Political Assassinations, and Targeted Killings

Scott N. Romaniuk and Francis Grice • Nov 5 2018 • Articles

While democratic or liberal-democratic states have championed positive norms, they have also taken-up targeted killings which defy long-established conventions.

Exhuming Norms: Comparing Investigations of Forced Disappearances

Tamara Hinan • Oct 24 2018 • Articles

The norm theories from International Relations fail to account for the differences in interpretation and implementation of the norms surrounding forced disappearance.

10th Anniversary Interview – Charlotte Epstein

E-International Relations • Dec 7 2017 • Features

To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

The Postcolonial Perspective: Why We Need to Decolonize Norms

Charlotte Epstein • Jan 19 2017 • Articles

Normation, normalization and nomos shift the focus from treating a norm as given to considering its initial constitution, to account for the form that a norm takes.

Evolving Norms: How the Libyan & Syrian Conflicts Have Affected the R2P

Jonathan Webb • Jan 26 2016 • Essays

Though the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) norm suffered a setback in the wake of the Syria crisis, the 2011 Libyan intervention offers hope & guidance for its evolution.

Norms and the Securitisation of Infectious Diseases

Josie Hornung • Jan 15 2016 • Essays

The emergence and socialisation of the norm of responding to health threats as security threats has reshaped and expanded the global security agenda.

Religious Movements and Religion’s Contribution to Global Civil Society

Paul S. Rowe • Jan 1 2016 • Articles

Religious traditions have withstood the test of time and respond to the inner lives of believers. It is unlikely that they will disappear any time soon.

Islam and Human Rights in Pakistan

Ishtiaq Ahmed • Dec 11 2015 • Articles

Cultural factors ensure that Pakistan’s relationship to its citizens is mediated by Muslim nationalism, rather than internationally recognized human rights norms.

Interview – Kurt Mills

E-International Relations • Sep 25 2014 • Features

Dr Mills talks about R2P, neo-humanitarianism, the limits of norms, the practicality of the International Criminal Court, and the importance of academic networks.

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