Opinion – The Climate and Democracy Costs of a Hydrocarbon Revival

Antulio Rosales • Mar 17 2022 • Articles

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has unleashed a scramble for traditional energy sources when it should, instead, be a time to plan for ways to wean the global economy from oil.

The Boom of Guyana’s Oil Industry: Opportunities and Challenges of the New Petrostate

William Clavijo • Aug 7 2020 • Articles

Due to the size of Guyana’s economy, the impact of increased oil production will place the country as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Oil During COVID-19: Essential Service or Subsidized Resource?

Kelsey Schober • May 12 2020 • Articles

Rhetoric that places oil as central to energy security, or even as an essential service does not capitalize on the opportunities offered by COVID-19 to shift to zero or low-carbon.

Opinion – Compromising US Energy Security for International Oil Market Stability

Benjamin Cherry-Smith • Apr 25 2020 • Articles

Trump has placed the US in a position to have its oil production manipulated by a cartel vying to remain relevant and a geopolitical rival seeking leverage.

Oil Power Politics amidst a Global Pandemic

Benjamin Cherry-Smith • Apr 12 2020 • Articles

Despite recent developments, the US has been unable to broker a longer term end to the price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia as the motives of the three states vary.

Revisiting OPEC’s Democratic Roots in the Age of Climate Emergency

Michael Dobson • Jan 17 2020 • Articles

The climate movement does not typically look to the oil industry for its heroes. Yet as policymakers have begun to follow activists in pursuing supply side climate policy, figures within OPEC’s history deserve to be studied.

Developing Global Champions: Why National Oil Companies Expand Abroad

Andrew Cheon • Oct 24 2019 • Articles

Domestic structures can help us understand how state capitalist governments weigh the potential costs and benefits of NOC global expansion.

Geography, Resources and the Geopolitics of Middle East Conflicts

Dina Rashed • May 24 2019 • Articles

Many have claimed the failure of states as a result of the uprisings and how they have led to destruction, yet overlook the role of states in creating these militias.

Economic (In)security and Economic Integration in the Middle East

Johannes Grow • May 15 2019 • Articles

Although strategic plans like ‘Vision 2030’ acknowledge problems, it remains to be seen whether the GCC states can address increasing inequality, unemployment, and a decline in oil wealth.

Human Rights and Climate Change in the Philippines

Ratchada Arpornsilp • Apr 18 2019 • Articles

In the state-centric human rights infrastructure, the government’s compliance with its human rights duties and standards to regulate corporations should be the central focus.

Online Resources – Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

E-International Relations • Aug 24 2018 • Online resources

A brief introduction to OPEC, Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, with links and media to further explore.

Is Natural Resource-Based Development Still Realistic for Africa?

Jesse Salah Ovadia • Feb 10 2016 • Articles

In a world of low oil prices, local content can make petro-development more realistic for African oil and gas producers, not less.

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