Review – Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping: Women, Peace, and Security in Post-Conflict States

Serena Simoni • Jul 9 2020 • Features

A worthwhile read offering an excellent analysis of peacekeeping missions and gendered norms that regulate them.

Sexual Abuse in UN Peacekeeping: The Problem of Viewing Women as a ‘Quick Fix’

Brianna Nicole Hernandez • Feb 20 2020 • Articles

Sexual exploitation is about power more than gender or any physical attraction to a particularly sexed body. In the realm of peacekeeping, it is about the uniform.

Interview – Courtney J. Fung

E-International Relations • Jan 20 2020 • Features

Courtney Fung discusses change and the drivers of change in the state system, China’s role in the UN and internationally, as well as China’s goals compared to India’s.

Interview – Angelika Rettberg

E-International Relations • Aug 13 2019 • Features

Angelika Rettberg talks about her forthcoming book on war economies and post-war crime, the role of resources in the conflict in Colombia and the recent peace agreement.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Feminism and Peacekeeping

Sarah Smith • Jun 22 2019 • Student Features

By challenging gender orthodoxy, Feminist IR Theory helps shining a light on women as victims and perpetrators of war.

The Global South and UN Peace Operations

Thomas G. Weiss and Giovanna Kuele • Feb 3 2019 • Articles

Motivations to contribute troops vary in the Global South. Most seek to polish their international image. Others use UN peacekeeping to reap financial interests.

Peace-in-difference: A Phenomenological Approach

Hartmut Behr • Aug 28 2018 • Articles

‘Phenomenology’ helps us to conceive of difference in a non-hierarchical way, to rethink peace, and to perceive difference as a positive force.

Women in UN Peacekeeping: Historical and Contemporary Patterns

BD Mowell • Jul 10 2018 • Articles

As the inclusion of women among peacekeeping elements continues to expand, hopefully future research into the phenomenon will continue to emerge.

The Immunity Dilemma: Peacekeepers’ Crimes and the UN’s Response

Kathleen Jennings • Sep 18 2017 • Articles

While the unwillingness to levy accountability on peacekeepers is unsatisfying to victims it does not have to be determinant of the UN’s ability to prevent future crimes.

Review – Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping

Matthew Kearns • Aug 28 2017 • Features

A significant contribution to critical debates within IR and gender scholarship that includes a rich empirical analysis of female peacekeepers and their experiences.

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