Popular Culture

Interview – Jason Dittmer

E-International Relations • Nov 7 2021 • Features

Jason Dittmer discusses what the discipline of Geography can bring to IR, the relationship between popular culture and International Relations, and media as a vessel for nationalism.

Review – Popular Culture, Geopolitics and Identity

Adagbo Onoja • Jan 17 2021 • Features

This second edition presents fascinating demonstrations of popular culture in action and considers popular culture beyond the representational.

Future of Popular Geopolitics: Croatia, Affective Nationalism and the World Cup

MašaKolanović • Oct 30 2018 • Articles

In looking at popular geopolitics as a kind of “post-language”, we can use sport as a metaphor of national identity.

The Future of Popular Geopolitics: Zombie Evolution and the Return to the Social

Shannon Brincat and Roxanne Chaitowitz • Oct 4 2018 • Articles

The zombie performs a radical function in our thinking by exposing – albeit hyperbolically – the very real limits of contemporary capitalism.

The Future of Popular Geopolitics: Mega-Shark Cinematic Diplomacy

Chris Homewood • Sep 21 2018 • Articles

Amidst rising tensions, Hollywood films such as The Meg present an idealized image of harmony between the U.S. and China.

Third Cinema and Social Science

Seth Cantey • Aug 17 2018 • Articles

Film depictions of terrorism and processes of radicalization, particularly in Third Cinema, can be used to generate research questions that might otherwise go unasked. 

Popular Culture Matters: Defining ‘Politics’ in Popular Culture & World Politics

William Clapton • Jul 26 2018 • Articles

The ‘Politics’ in PCWP remains limited and narrowly understood, even as the sites at which it is located expand.

Popular Culture Matters: An Introduction

Kyle Grayson and Nick Robinson • Jun 11 2018 • Articles

The first post in a series detailing the impact of popular culture on world politics from the perspective of participants at the ISA workshop ‘Popular Culture Matters’.

Northern Fears: Preparing for and Watching Norden’s Doom

Robert Saunders • May 27 2018 • Articles

Netflix’s “The Rain” has been released at the beginning of a new era of insecurity for the notoriously peaceful nation of Sweden.

Pop-Culture and Trump, Part 3: Roger Waters Vs. The Big Man, Pig Man

Robert A. Saunders • Jan 4 2018 • Articles

The Us + Them tour represents the current pinnacle in the meeting of pop-culture and global politics, as Waters has mobilised his political fervour for the world stage.

10th Anniversary Post – Pop Culture @ E-IR: A Reflection

Robert A. Saunders • Dec 21 2017 • Articles

We seek to enlighten our readers about the ways in which the everyday inform how states and non-state actors negotiate geopolitics and its attendant forces.

Why IR Scholars Should Try to Write Fiction

Daniel Clausen • Sep 17 2017 • Articles

We should be aware of the ways in which real life can start to mirror genres or even the way politicians will shape politics to meet the rules of certain popular genres.

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