Surveying the American Public on the Plight of Climate Refugees

The public does not seem inherently hostile to assistance to climate refugees or US involvement to address their plight.

Legal Representation for Asylum-Seekers and Refugees: Much Needed yet Sparse

Caroline Nalule • Jun 5 2020 • Articles
In times of emergency when states restrict individual rights and freedoms, the marginalised, vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society will be most hard-hit.

Interview – Dalal Mawad

E-International Relations • Jun 4 2020 • Features
Journalist Dalal Mawad talks to us about her career covering the MENA region, particularly her work reporting on refugees and the displaced and the crisis in Lebanon.

Opinion – Updating the 1951 Convention for Refugees

Somabha Bandopadhay • May 28 2020 • Articles
The 1951 Refugee Convention is required to be amended so that “climate refugees” are given a place within the gamut of the refugee law regime.

Afghan Refugees and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Grant Farr • May 26 2020 • Articles
Afghanistan has neither the medical facilities nor the organizational structure to deal with these returning refugees and the pandemic they bring.

Writing About Displaced People in the Time of Coronavirus

Phil Cole • May 14 2020 • Articles
The pandemic is simply exposing the ongoing precarity of the displaced rather than disrupting their ‘normal’ lives, and so there is much to learn about what international protection should look like.

The Valorisation of Intimacy: How to Make Sense of Disdain, Distance and ‘Data’

Emma Mc Cluskey • Apr 14 2020 • Articles
A practical and collective reflexivity is indispensable to the type of embedded, ethnographic fieldwork so many of us are now undertaking in the field of IR.

Global Displacement, COVID-19 and the Risk of a False-positive Flattened Curve

Ali Al Bayaa • Mar 25 2020 • Articles
Any meaningful global health strategy to combat Coronavirus must take the potential risk to refugees and other vulnerable groups into consideration.

Jus Post Bellum and Responsibilities to Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Laura E. Alexander and Kristopher Norris • Feb 6 2020 • Articles
Pope Francis draws on jus post bellum to demand that states who intervene militarily in the affairs of others, take responsibility for those displaced by intervention.

Competing Logics of Security toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon

Sefa Secen • Dec 20 2019 • Articles
Turkey's and Lebanon's high levels of political polarization could engender competing logics of security and increase Syrian refugees’ vulnerability to instability.

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