Interview – David Campbell

E-International Relations • Apr 22 2022 • Features

David Campbell discusses the United States’ identity in global politics, the representation of refugees in Australian media, and the role of visual media in international relations.

Review – Migrations: A World on the Move

Anna Finiguerra • Mar 20 2022 • Features

This podcast takes a look at migration from all perspectives, and how it interplays with concepts of racial justice and climate change.

Interview – Samuel Ritholtz

E-International Relations • Nov 4 2021 • Features

Samuel Ritholtz discusses queer kinship and the rights of refugee families, the impact of Covid-19 on trans and queer people and the role of queer IR in efforts to decolonise the discipline.

Subsidiarity Versus Solidarity? EU Asylum and Immigration Policy

Marco Balboni • Mar 29 2021 • Articles

An effort should be made to find a balance between measures which have to be adopted at a central or coordinated level and measures which need to remain in the hands of governments.

The Subsidiarity Principle and European Refugee Law

Ralf Alleweldt • Mar 23 2021 • Articles

Subsidiarity may be a strong argument in the political debate on draft legislative proposals as it is unlikely that new asylum legislation will contain any disproportionate or unreasonable demands.

Global Migration and Local Integration: The European Refugee Crisis

Jörg Dürrschmidt • Mar 11 2021 • Articles

As a consequence of societal globalisation, there is an ongoing process similar to the ‘unbinding of politics’ in the context of EU migration and asylum policy.

Regional Responses to Venezuela’s Mass Population Displacement

Luisa Feline Freier and Soledad Castillo Jara • Sep 16 2020 • Articles

As migration has intensified, more restrictive policies have developed in Ecuador and Peru – while Colombia has maintained a relatively open approach.

Opinion – The Rohingya Conundrum amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sinmyung Park • Aug 7 2020 • Articles

If Myanmar considered taking a much more proactive stance on the repatriation of Rohingya refugees it would achieve both political and economic benefits in the long run.

Necropolitics and the Precarious Lives of Rohingya Refugees in India

Ananya Sharma • Aug 5 2020 • Articles

The ‘neglected spaces’ where people are destined to suffer indignity and harm are ‘socially sanctioned’ projects of dehumanization.

Surveying the American Public on the Plight of Climate Refugees

The public does not seem inherently hostile to assistance to climate refugees or US involvement to address their plight.

Legal Representation for Asylum-Seekers and Refugees: Much Needed yet Sparse

Caroline Nalule • Jun 5 2020 • Articles

In times of emergency when states restrict individual rights and freedoms, the marginalised, vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society will be most hard-hit.

Interview – Dalal Mawad

E-International Relations • Jun 4 2020 • Features

Journalist Dalal Mawad talks to us about her career covering the MENA region, particularly her work reporting on refugees and the displaced and the crisis in Lebanon.

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