Interview – Tariq Modood

E-International Relations • Jan 17 2021 • Features

Tariq Modood talks about the relationship between secularism and multiculturalism, as well as free speech and the role of political satire.

Transitional Justice in Tunisia: Any Role for Islam?

Elham Kazemi • Oct 19 2018 • Articles

The legacy of strict state control of religion combined with the violent crackdown on Islamic movements impacted the politics of state building after the revolution.

From (Communally-Based) Religion to Secularism in Indian Politics

Pratick Mallick • Feb 15 2018 • Articles

By emphasising secular reforms and de-emphasising communally specific attitudes and policy, the BJP seeks to present India as an open marketplace for the new middle class

Ontologicidal Violence: The Muslim Subject and International Law

Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal • Jul 1 2017 • Articles

International law is premised on a hierarchical organizing of cultures, and is therefore critically unstable because its own biases undermine its claims to universality.

Whose God? A Human Rights Approach

J. Paul Martin • Dec 23 2015 • Articles

The modern international human rights regime offers an alternative to secularism because it establishes standards for both state neutrality and engagement with religion.

The Secular–Religious Competition Perspective

Jonathan Fox • Oct 9 2015 • Articles

Secularisation theory wrongly predicted religion’s death, yet this theory is still a crucial source of insight on the nature of religion’s opposition in world politics.

Church, State and Culture: Should Religion Be a Private Matter?

Brendan Sweetman • Sep 26 2015 • Articles

Secular liberalism has become an influential, even dominant, worldview among sections of the intellectual class in many Western societies.

Looking Back to See Forward: Romanticism, Religion and the Secular in Modernity

Mark Cladis • Sep 21 2015 • Articles

The pervasive religious aspects of Romanticism demonstrate the failure of previous theories of secularisation. Modernity has never been a monolithic intellectual.

Edited Collection – Nations under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the 21st Century

E-International Relations • Aug 26 2015 • Features

Over 30 leading scholars focus on the complex roles that religions play in world affairs and move beyond the simplistic narratives and polemics which swamp the discourse.

Doctrinal War

Mona Kanwal Sheikh • Jan 15 2014 • Articles

New approaches to diplomacy and conflict resolution are warranted in order to break security dilemmas that are simultaneously upheld by fear and the assertion of hardened doctrines.

What do Faith-based Organisations Seek at the United Nations?

Jeffrey Haynes • Nov 15 2013 • Articles

The UN is increasing interactions with faith-based organizations (FBO) due to an awareness that the ‘values’ FBOs bring to global governance need to be factored in to its deliberations.

The Illusion of Politics

Timothy Fitzgerald • Sep 21 2013 • Articles

We have an intuitive understanding about what politics is, but since most domains of life can be described as political, politics is so universal that a definition is difficult to pin down.

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