Sierra Leone

Interview – Lucy Scott

E-International Relations • Jul 17 2019 • Features

Lucy Scott tells us about her PhD research on the British military intervention in Sierra Leone, the legacy of the intervention and gives her advice to young scholars.

Major General Charles Howard Foulkes and the Practice of Conflict Photography

Melissa Bennett • Mar 12 2017 • Articles

Foulkes’ photographs reveal what soldiers on the front line of conflicts felt about those fighting alongside them, their opponents, and their own vulnerabilities.

Follow the People to Go beyond What We Have Already Done

Mark Dybul • May 27 2016 • Articles

The fight against HIV, malaria and tuberculosis is more important than ever in a world increasingly affected by natural disasters, conflicts and economic crises.

“I Am African, I Am Not a Virus”

Judy Kuriansky • May 19 2016 • Articles

It’s time to dignify and put into action the words “there is no health without mental health” as a humanitarian imperative.

The Ebola Outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

Jeremy Youde • Jul 26 2014 • Articles

With the number of Ebola cases in West Africa continuing to increase, coordinated national and international actions are required to try to stop the spread of disease.

Review – Militancy and Violence in West Africa

Carl LeVan • May 2 2014 • Features

This tome convincingly shows how we must see violent extremism as a political and social phenomenon whose religious and regional variations are easily misunderstood.

Review – Local and Global Dynamics of Peacebuilding

Simon Taylor • Apr 13 2014 • Features

Cubitt’s analysis of post-conflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone offers a unique case study for the critical and empirical examination of liberal peace-making.

Economic Land Concessions and the Law in Cambodia

Keally McBride • Jun 18 2013 • Articles

In Cambodia, economic land concessions are taking property away as fast as landmine removal is giving it back, but now, consensus is that the most pressing issue there is land rights.

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