Interview – Adam Fabry

E-International Relations • Apr 16 2020 • Features
Adam Fabry talks about his book and research on Hungary, including economic and political changes, the origins of the far-right and alternative forms of resistance.

Review – Capital et idéologie

Torbjørn L. Knutsen • Jan 16 2020 • Features
An impressive tome that seeks to explain the legitimizing ideologies which are used to justify the unequal distribution of wealth and income both historically and today.

Review Feature – Perspectives on Eco-Socialism

Hans A Baer • Jul 14 2019 • Features
At a time when it is apparent that green capitalist proposals are insufficient, these two books are welcome additions to the growing literature on eco-socialism.

Review – The Left Case Against the EU

Thomas Fazi • May 5 2019 • Features
An important contribution to the left debate over the European Union that mercilessly shatters many of the arguments presented by 'remain and reform' advocates.

Venezuela: A Difficult Puzzle to Solve

Paulo Afonso Velasco Junior • Mar 9 2019 • Articles
The scenario for Venezuela is very difficult, but while the armed forces are with Maduro, he will remain in power, despite internal and external opposing pressures.

The Venezuelan Crisis: Maduro’s Regime Legitimacy and Potential Outcomes

Under the Maduro political regime, democracy has deteriorated. Negotiations excluding the US seems to be the way to prevent more social chaos and political instability.

Interview – Matthew Goodwin

E-International Relations • Sep 5 2018 • Features
Matthew Goodwin talks about his new book National Populism, the upcoming Swedish elections, eurosceptic and pro-European political parties, and the Brexit referendum.

Interview – Nicole Aschoff

E-International Relations • May 9 2018 • Features
Nicole Aschoff discusses the limitations of Oprah Winfrey’s progressive ideas, the prospects for today’s anti-capitalist left in the US, and the rise of Jacobin magazine.

Review – Four Futures: Life After Capitalism

Richard W. Coughlin • Jan 11 2018 • Features
Peter Frase's book illuminates the potential effects of robotization and climate change on a post-capitalist future and the institutional structures that might emerge.

Interview – Liza Featherstone

E-International Relations • Jan 8 2017 • Features
Liza Featherstone explains why she identifies as a socialist feminist, discusses the importance of student activism, and provides some advice for aspiring journalists.

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