Review – From Righteousness to Far Right

Alvina Hoffmann • Aug 29 2019 • Features
Mc Cluskey proposes an anthropological rethinking of critical security studies by focusing on the response of a small Swedish village to 100 resettled Syrian refugees.

Interview – Emma Mc Cluskey

E-International Relations • Oct 4 2018 • Features
Emma Mc Cluskey talks about her forthcoming book Righteousness to Far Right, anthropological approaches to International Political Sociology and radical reflexivity.

Northern Fears: Preparing for and Watching Norden’s Doom

Robert Saunders • May 27 2018 • Articles
Netflix's "The Rain" has been released at the beginning of a new era of insecurity for the notoriously peaceful nation of Sweden.

Review – Humane and Dignified?

Anna Lindley • Sep 25 2016 • Features
Despite some missed opportunities, this is a relevant and illuminating book for anyone interested in the experiences of people on the hard end of the immigration regime.

Does European Recognition of a Palestinian State Mean Anything?

Mira Sucharov • Nov 5 2014 • Articles
As long as Israel believes it has no partner in the Palestinians, acts of recognition may serve as a moral signal to the world, buttressing the identity of the signaller.

Strangers in the Archipelago: Hunting for ‘Something’ in Swedish Waters

Rachael Squire • Oct 28 2014 • Articles
The search for foreign activity in Swedish waters - the ‘Hunt for Reds in October’ - has been called off. Yet, there is much to be said about this geopolitical incident.

The International Law Dimensions of the Plight of Julian Assange

Donald Rothwell • Oct 9 2012 • Articles
The Assange saga has taken a number of unexpected turns. The only way forward would appear to be a political solution. Yet, there is no immediate prospect of such a resolution occurring.

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