Challenging Information Control with Communication Technologies in Syria

Mark Barrow • Apr 26 2022 • Articles

The application of communication technologies enables Syrian citizen journalists to provide valuable coverage of the conflict’s ongoing atrocities.

Interview – Eda Gunaydin

E-International Relations • Oct 27 2021 • Features

Eda Gunaydin talks about her research on the creation of post-state sovereignties by the Kurds of Rojava and the use of Western representations of women to justify interventions.

Turkey’s Role in Syria: A Prototype of its Regional Policy in the Middle East

Shaimaa Magued • Sep 21 2021 • Articles

The Arab uprisings have interrupted the conciliatory course of bilateral relations and disturbed the normative framework of Turkish diplomacy in the region.

Review – We Are Bellingcat

Robert Bunker • Jul 1 2021 • Features

In this accessible and engaging read, Higgins outlines the history of his organisation and highlights some effective online investigation tools availble to citizens.

Urbicide and the Subject of Politics: Notes on the Syrian Civil War

Gabriel Garroum • May 27 2021 • Articles

Spatial justice should entail a reconstruction model that restores the relationship of inhabitants to places so that return does not become alienation.

Understanding Syria’s Sectarian Wave

Raymond Hinnebusch and Ola Rifai • May 9 2021 • Articles

The first condition for de-sectarianization is the end to external competitive intervention in Syria’s conflict. Much will depend on what dominant national identity is constructed to replace (or restore) Arabism.

The Limitations and Consequences of Remote Warfare in Syria

Sinan Hatahet • Feb 18 2021 • Articles

The Syrian conflict is an example of global and regional powers waging remote warfare against their adversaries with minimum human and capital costs.

Interview – Zeynep N. Kaya

E-International Relations • May 11 2020 • Features

Zeynep Kaya tackles the repercussions of the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria, the position of women in Iraqi Kurdistan and the recovery of Yazidi communities.

Review – Russia Abroad

Galina Bogatova • Apr 13 2020 • Features

A meaningful contribution to regionalism studies that reveals the overlooked patterns of the marginal “subordinate” states’ agency in relation to the great powers.

Opinion – China and the Rebuilding of Syria

Roie Yellinek • Mar 23 2020 • Articles

Chinese investment in Syria is a statement of intent for now. The war will have to end before China will take any significant further steps.

Review – The Kurds of Northern Syria

Jordi Tejel • Feb 8 2020 • Features

Allsopp and van Wilgenburg draw on interviews to provide a detailed and less romanticized account of the emergence, consolidation and crisis of the DAA in Northern Syria.

Opinion – 2020’s Dawn: Coronavirus, Natural Disasters and Political Insecurity

Emrah Atar • Feb 1 2020 • Articles

2020’s issues have political and social elements that could be solved with concerted efforts over public health, climate change and diplomacy.

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