UNSCR 1325

How Often Does the UN Security Council Use a Gender Lens? Not Often Enough

Katelyn Jones • Nov 6 2019 • Articles

The Women, Peace and Security agenda’s impact continues to be limited in scope as Security Council meetings do not incorporate the gender lens mandated by USNCR 1325.

Gender Matters: Mainstreaming Women, Peace and Security at NATO

Katharine Wright • Nov 17 2017 • Articles

The aim must be to transform practice through better representing women’s agency, rather than reinforcing regressive gendered logics.

Cypriot Women’s Struggles for Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325

Maria Hadjipavlou • Jan 7 2013 • Articles

Cyprus’ problems go beyond ethnicized politics into the fabric of its social order. A gender equality perspective can liberate men and women to build a healthier, just and democratic society.

UNSCR 1325 in Palestine: Strengthening or Disciplining Women’s Peace Activism?

Sophie Richter-Devroe • Dec 28 2012 • Articles

Many local actors remain sceptical of 1325. In Palestine the Resolution has not strengthened, but rather disciplined, women’s political activism within a specific international feminist peace agenda.

The Problematic Evolution of UN Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security

Sara Meger • Nov 1 2012 • Articles

UNSCR 1325 is groundbreaking. However, we need to be wary of focusing disproportionately on ‘rape as a weapon of war’ as it undermines the potential for action to address other forms of gendered violence that is perpetrated in conflict-affected societies.

More Questions than Answers? 12 Years on from UNSCR 1325

Katharine Wright • Oct 31 2012 • Articles

e-IR’s range of publications to mark the anniversary of UNSCR 1325 reflect on the unintended consequences resulting from the resolution and highlight the silences surrounding the issues.

Permanent Security Council Members and Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security

Soumita Basu • Oct 31 2012 • Articles

Dominant narratives on UN SCR 1325 and subsequent developments highlight the leadership of civil society organizations, particularly the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security.

The UK’s Approach to UNSCR 1325: Limitations of Gender Mainstreaming?

Roberta Guerrina • Oct 31 2012 • Articles

The UK’s approach to UNSCR 1325 instigated a new national debate. However, meaningful engagement with the gendered nature of state approaches to security is a long way off.

UNSCR 1325 and Gender Mainstreaming in the UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Activities

Marianna Karakoulaki • Oct 31 2012 • Articles

In spite of UNSCR 1325, gender mainstreaming within peacekeeping and peacebuilding activities has not been an overarching success due to lack of understanding of the concept.

UNSCR 1325 in Northern Ireland: Opportunities, Challenges and Complexities

Melanie Hoewer • Oct 2 2012 • Articles

The unique positioning of Northern Ireland brings to light both the challenges and the innovation potential arising out of implementation processes of UNSCR 1325 at the official state and the community levels.

NATO’s Implementation of UN SCR 1325

Katharine Wright • Sep 22 2012 • Articles

NATO has utilised UN SCR 1325 on ‘Women, Peace and Security’ as a tool to justify advocating increasing women in the military in order to counter manpower shortages.

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