Vladimir Putin

Returning to Realism: The Other Face of the Ukraine Crisis

Mohamed Mahad D. Darar • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

An upgrade in US thinking to view Russia as a contemporary country with present-day policy goals as opposed to just an irredentist dying regime should be considered.

Ignore the Paradox: Russia, Ukraine, and Nuclear Deterrence

Francesco Bailo and Benjamin E. Goldsmith • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

There is no empirical evidence that the assumption of emboldened and risk-acceptant conventional conflict behavior of Russia is in some way caused by, or protected by, MAD.

The Ideas Behind Putin’s War in Ukraine

William M. Zolinger Fujii • Jun 5 2022 • Articles

Ukraine’s integration into the West is unacceptable to the Kremlin on security grounds, it is also inadmissible for what Putin would consider ‘civilizational’ reasons.

Opinion – On 9 May Putin’s Russia Will Glorify War and Stalin

Taras Kuzio • May 9 2022 • Articles

Putin’s so-called de-Nazification has nothing to do with combating Nazis in Ukraine and everything to do with the xenophobic Stalinist and racist climate in Putin’s Russia.

Russia’s War Goals in Ukraine

David R. Marples • Apr 21 2022 • Articles

There is no obvious end point or exit point for Putin as his goal is to win and occupy a vast territory and to be recognized as a victorious conqueror that has restored the glory of Russia.

Russia’s War in Ukraine Points to Another Historical Blunder

Hamid Elyassi • Mar 9 2022 • Articles

If this military adventure fails to reach its objectives, Russia will be a humiliated pariah state on the fringes of world economic and political power.

Opinion – The Risk of Nuclear War with Russia

Sebastian Schindler • Mar 3 2022 • Articles

Given the increased use of war rhetoric and calls for no-fly-zones Western leaders must deploy political wisdom and show a capacity for serious judgement.

Opinion – Russian Motives in Ukraine and Western Response Options

Sebastian Schindler • Feb 28 2022 • Articles

Putin’s worldview is not uncommon and corresponds to that of Donald Trump, who immediately after the invasion of Ukraine commended Putin as a genius.

Vladimir Putin’s Imperialism and Military Goals Against Ukraine

Taras Kuzio • Feb 24 2022 • Articles

Russian great power nationalists led by Putin seek to wipe Ukraine and the Ukrainian people from the map of Europe and massively abuse human rights.

Putin and the Two Fears of the Prince

Harald Edinger • Mar 17 2021 • Articles

Putin is facing a simple reality: with every additional month in office, he has more to lose and fewer ways out – providing fertile ground for high-intensity affective responses.

Opinion – Macron’s Pivot Towards Russia

Kareem Salem • Aug 22 2020 • Articles

In a world increasingly dictated by heightened power competition, Macron believes he can turn Putin into an important security partner for Europe.

Putin’s Power Grab Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ludovica Vitale • Jun 29 2020 • Articles

Lockdown has allowed authorities to scrap Presidential limits, yet the crisis has eroded support for the regime and damaged the foundations of Putin’s power.

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