Vladimir Putin

Putin and the Two Fears of the Prince

Harald Edinger • Mar 17 2021 • Articles

Putin is facing a simple reality: with every additional month in office, he has more to lose and fewer ways out – providing fertile ground for high-intensity affective responses.

Opinion – Macron’s Pivot Towards Russia

Kareem Salem • Aug 22 2020 • Articles

In a world increasingly dictated by heightened power competition, Macron believes he can turn Putin into an important security partner for Europe.

Putin’s Power Grab Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ludovica Vitale • Jun 29 2020 • Articles

Lockdown has allowed authorities to scrap Presidential limits, yet the crisis has eroded support for the regime and damaged the foundations of Putin’s power.

Noam Chomsky’s Views on Russian Foreign Policy: A Critical Analysis

Artem Patalakh • Apr 30 2020 • Articles

What sets Chomsky apart from many other fellow travelers of the Kremlin is that he tends to use references to IR scholars and occasionally insert critical remarks about Putin.

Italy as the Kremlin’s ‘Trojan Horse’ in Europe: Some Overlooked Factors

Artem Patalakh • Apr 11 2020 • Articles

As Russian influence in Italy grows, Putin’s ‘Trojan horse’ in the EU reflects several societal trends, molding perceptions of a foreign policy appropriate for Italy.

Review – The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America

Richard Sakwa • Jul 23 2019 • Features

Richard Sakwa argues this is a strange book that attempts to defend the liberal order but demonstrates similar failings to other books within the New Cold War literature.

Ukraine and Russia Gird for Presidential Election

Trivun Sharma • Mar 10 2019 • Articles

Ukraine is gearing up for a presidential election that will set its course for the next five years, perhaps most crucially in terms of its relations with Russia.

Russian Foreign Policy in the Middle East under Putin: Can Bears Walk in the Desert?

Spyridon N. Litsas • Nov 23 2018 • Articles

Putin saw volatility in the Middle East as an opportunity to expand Russian influence whilst keeping the gaze of the West away from regions with greater strategic importance to Russia.

For Putin, Confrontation with the West Is About More than Just Geopolitics

Björn Alexander Düben • Sep 13 2018 • Articles

The confrontation with the West and the cultivation of a siege mentality at home has been the most effective means left at Putin’s disposal for consolidating his power.

Hybrid Warfare and the Role Civilians Play

Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv • Aug 2 2018 • Articles

The intent to destabilize and weaken a state or community with persistent, non-military-based attacks is changing the ways in which war is understood.

Russia-West-Ukraine: Triangle of Competition 1991–2013

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 26 2018 • Articles

Russia’s desire to limit Ukraine’s independence and to retake control of Crimea did not emerge during the Putin era. Rather they were there from the very beginning.

Ukraine and the Russian Challenge to the European Order

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 13 2018 • Articles

Russia’s actions in 2014 were not just a response specific events such as NATO enlargement, EU policy, democracy promotion or revolution in Ukraine.

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