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The League of Arab States, commonly known as the Arab League, is an intergovernmental organization of independent Arab states. It is the first such regional organization. The first discussion on establishing a form of common Arab cooperation or union was initiated by Egypt with Syria and Iraq, followed by consultation with other newly independent Arab states. After an initial meeting in 1944 and the approval of what is known as the Alexandria Declaration, the Arab League Charter was officially adopted in 1945 by seven newly independent Arab states: Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan (which became Jordan in 1946), Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and North Yemen (which became Yemen after its unification with South Yemen). Today the Arab League has 22 member states. Its headquarters are in Cairo, Egypt. Summits and meetings of various ministerial councils, as well as other meetings, may be held in other locations. Taken from Open Society Foundations’ Manual


The League Of Arab States (Video Below)

BBC Profile: Arab League

Arab League Fast Facts

The Arab League – Council on Foreign Relations

League of Arab States – International Democracy Watch

The Arab League: Its Origin, Purposes, Structure and Activities – The Arab Information Center

The Arab League Up Close

Arab League summit: Can it bring peace to the region? (Video Below)

Can the Arab League solve the region’s problems? – Al Jazeera (Video)

Q&A: Whatever happened to the Arab League? – Al Jazeera (Interview)

The League of Arab States: Human Rights Standards and Mechanisms –  Open Society Foundations

Regional Organizations and Sanctions Against Members: Explaining the Different Trajectories of the 

African Union, the League of Arab States, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – Elin Hellquist, KFG Working Paper Series at Free University Berlin

An Arab NATO in the making? Middle Eastern Security Cooperation since 2011 – Florence Gaub, Security Studies Institute

The Arab Peace Initiative: Why Now? – Gabrielle Rifkind, Oxford Research Group

The Arab Peace Initiative: Reversing the Direction – Kobi Michael, Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University

The Return of the Arab Peace Initiative – Yossi Alpher, Norwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution

Nothing But Failure? The Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council as Mediators in Middle Eastern Conflicts – Marco Pinfari, Crisis States Research Centre Working Paper, LSE

The Arab League Comes Alive – Bruce Maddy-Weitzmann, Middle East Initiative

The League of Arab States in the Wake of the Arab Spring– Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

Important Documents

The Alexandria Protocol; October 7,1944

Pact of the League of Arab States, 1945

Treaty of Joint Defense and Economic Cooperation Between the States of the Arab League, June 17, 1950 

The Khartoum Resolutions; September 1, 1967 

Arab Charter on Human Rights (Adopted 1994) 

Member States

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria

Foreign Policy of Bahrain

Government of Comoros (in French)

Government of Djibouti (in French)

Government of Egypt
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt
Egypt and the Arab League

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq

Government of Jordan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Jordan

Government of Kuwait

Government of Lebanon

A Quick Guide to Libya’s Main Players
Libyan Websites (Temehu)

Government of Mauritania (in French)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Morocco

Government of Oman
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine
Fatah – International Relations Commission

Hamas and Fatah: How are the two groups different? – Zena Tahhan, Aljazeera
Arab League summit: The organisation’s long history with the Palestinian cause – Naser Al Wasmi, The National

Government of Qatar
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar

Saudi Arabia
Government of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia

Somalia country profile – BBC

Sudan Country Profile – BBC
Sudan: Government – globalEDGE

Syria country profile – BBC
National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces

Government of Tunisia

United Arab Emirates
Government of the United Arab Emirates
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE

Government of Yemen (in Arabic)

External Relations

EU-Leauge of Arab States Relations: Prospects for Closer Parliamentary Cooperation (Policy Briefing) – European Parliament

NATO and the Arab League: The Importance of Being Earnest – Mona El-Kouedi, Research Paper at NATO Defense College

Awakening Interregionalism? The EU and Regional Arab Organizations Post-2011 – Sally Khalifa Isaac, GR:EEN Working Paper Series

The Arab League Boycott and WTO Accession: Can Foreign Policy Excuse Discriminatory Sanctions? – Eugene Kantorovich, Chicago Journal of International Law

Arab League Boycott of Israel – Martin A. Weiss, CRS Report for Congress

Arab League Condemns US Jerusalem Move – Al Jazeera

Current Issues

Turkish PM slams Israel at the Arab League (Video Below)

Syria, Palestinian unity top Arab league summit agenda (Video Below)

Arab League to lobby UN to recognize Palestinian state (Video Below)

Restoring Stability in a Turbulent Middle East: A Perspective From the League of Arab States (Video Below)

Arab League Urged to Sue Israel at ICC – Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia Tries to Unite Arab World Against Iran –  Haaretz

Arab League to Discuss Israeli Massacre in Gaza – The Jerusalem Post

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