Trump’s Foreign Policy Doctrine of Uncertainty

Wassim Daghrir • Jun 29 2020 • Articles
Trump's foreign policy appears as a manifestation of his personality – impulsive, improvisational and devoid of clear purpose and value, yet unmistakeably realist.

Putin’s Power Grab Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ludovica Vitale • Jun 29 2020 • Articles
Lockdown has allowed authorities to scrap Presidential limits, yet the crisis has eroded support for the regime and damaged the foundations of Putin’s power.

Opinion – Tackling the Root Causes of Immigration to the US from Honduras

Maria I. Leon Gomez Sonet • Jun 29 2020 • Articles
A decrease in immigration would not occur as long as the current U.S. foreign policy towards the Northern Triangle region remains the same.

Opinion – Racial Injustice and the Erosion of America’s Global Standing

Abdou Rahim Lema • Jun 28 2020 • Articles
Russia, Iran and China are among the last places to look to for human rights leadership, yet their open critiques of racial injustice force the US to look in the mirror.

Comparing the Politicization of COVID-19 and the Great Depression

Sirvan Karimi • Jun 28 2020 • Articles
Just as Keynesianism was subject to political manipulation by governments to secure re-election, politicization is emerging as a hallmark to responses to COVID-19.

Samuel Huntington and the American Way of War

Erik Ringmar • Jun 27 2020 • Articles
Huntington’s thesis has aided and abetted liberals with access to firearms; presenting them with suggestions, imperatives and hopes. As such his argument is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy.

Causes and Potential Solutions to the Ukraine and Russia Conflict

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 27 2020 • Articles
A major contributor to conflict has been the West’s desire to spread democracy and Russia’s desire to prevent it.

Africa’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism? Same Problems, Different Locations

Robert L. Ostergard, Jr. • Jun 26 2020 • Articles
The virus is hitting African states head-on, but disproportionately, providing lessons for other states about pandemic response – both positive and negative.

Opinion – Lebanon’s Economic Crisis: An Opportunity to Contain Hezbollah?

Massimiliano Fiore • Jun 25 2020 • Articles
The international community should help avoid Lebanon's collapse, yet make support dependent on tackling corruption and abandoning Hezbollah.

A Call for Introspection on the Comfort Women Tragedy

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Jun 24 2020 • Articles
The time has come to address longstanding cultural assumptions, rather than to allow this tragedy to be used by nationalists and self-serving politicians.

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