The Rise of Popular Culture in IR: Three Issues

Kyle Grayson • Jan 30 2015 • Articles
As the study of popular culture gains momentum, it is important that the sub-field not reproduce the broader analytic and political shortcomings of the discipline of IR.

La Haine: Laïcité, Charlie Hebdo and the Republican War on Religion

Giorgio Shani • Jan 29 2015 • Articles
The Republican war against religion has played its part in creating the conditions whereby the message of the jihadis now has resonance amongst the alienated youth.

The ‘Reluctant Europeans’: What Syriza’s Victory Means for Europe

George Kyris • Jan 28 2015 • Articles
The big question is after Syriza's win is what sort of party it will be the day after as that could set the tone of an alternative solution to the Eurozone crisis,.

Fascism in Interwar Egypt: Islam, Nationalism and Political Modernization

Panos Kourgiotis • Jan 28 2015 • Articles
Fascism taught Egyptian activists how to use modern symbols and rituals in order to transform their internal political struggles, but it proved completely incompetent.

A New Face of Romania?

Norman Manea • Jan 27 2015 • Articles
The results of the Fall 2014 presidential elections in Romania came as a surprise, bringing victory to German Lutheran Klaus Johannis and the Romanian diaspora.

Critical Questions on the US-Cuba Rapprochement

Alessandro Badella • Jan 27 2015 • Articles
It could be naive to think that Obama's openings to Cuba were just a move to improve relations without expecting any reciprocation in terms of democracy and human rights.

Iran’s Execution Spike under Rouhani: Who Is Pulling the Chairs?

Sajjad Safaei • Jan 26 2015 • Articles
The closer we get to the deadline for a final nuclear deal, its most fervent opponents will frantically flail their arms in a last ditch attempt to stay relevant.

ISIL, Ideology, and Islamic Militancy – Where is the Centre of Gravity?

Stephen Pitt-Walker • Jan 25 2015 • Articles
The solution to the rise of ISIL lies in locating the ideology’s centre of gravity and strategizing its containment if not its demise.

Turkish Foreign Policy in Turbulent Times

Meltem Müftüler-Baç • Jan 25 2015 • Articles
Turkey’s democratic consolidation problems in the domestic arena have posed limitations on its ability to project power in the region, and widened the chasm with the European Union.

Political Leadership in Times of Agony for Palestinian Citizens

George Bisharat • Jan 25 2015 • Articles
Since 1948 Palestinians have never enjoyed a protected political arena in which to conduct an intimate, direct internal dialogue about their future together as a people.

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