Interview – Kimberly Hutchings

E-International Relations • Oct 24 2014 • Features
Prof. Hutchings talks about the usefulness of debates in international theory, violence, and ethics, and the importance of challenging gender discrimination in academia.

Interview – Steven Pinker

E-International Relations • Oct 10 2014 • Features
Professor Pinker answers questions on mankind's tendency toward violence, Darwinism, the rights of women in Islamic societies, and his new book - The Sense of Style.

Interview – Kurt Mills

E-International Relations • Sep 25 2014 • Features
Dr Mills talks about R2P, neo-humanitarianism, the limits of norms, the practicality of the International Criminal Court, and the importance of academic networks.

Interview – John Esposito

E-International Relations • Sep 8 2014 • Features
In this interview, Professor Esposito discusses his career, the current state of IR scholarship on Islam, the rise of the Islamic State, and the issue of Islamophobia.

Interview – Tariq Ali

E-International Relations • Aug 18 2014 • Features
Writer, journalist, and filmmaker Tariq Ali discusses the recent Israel-Palestine conflict, the BDS movment, the rise of ISIS, and Obama's US involvement in Iraq.

Interview – Leo Panitch

E-International Relations • Aug 7 2014 • Features
Professor Panitch explains how he understands imperialism, discusses the value of democratic peace theory, and the inherent problems with US-led global capitalism.

Interview – Katrien Jacobs

E-International Relations • Jul 21 2014 • Features
Professor Jacobs discusses her research on pornography, censorship, and visual anthropology in the context of global capitalism, social control, and superpower rivalry.

Interview – Tanisha Fazal

E-International Relations • Jun 30 2014 • Features
Dr. Fazal discusses her research on state death, breakthroughs in the study of civil war initiation and termination, and changing norms of humanitarian intervention.

Interview – Richard English

E-International Relations • Jun 11 2014 • Features
Professor English discusses the difficulties of defining terrorism, the ongoing troubles in Northern Ireland, and the importance of identifying your passion within IR.

Interview – Johan Galtung

E-International Relations • May 27 2014 • Features
Professor Johan Galtung discusses his career, offers his thoughts on the crisis in Crimea, UN peacekeeping missions and offers advice for young scholars of IR.

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