Interview – Richard English

E-International Relations • Jun 11 2014 • Features

Professor English discusses the difficulties of defining terrorism, the ongoing troubles in Northern Ireland, and the importance of identifying your passion within IR.

Interview – Johan Galtung

E-International Relations • May 27 2014 • Features

Professor Johan Galtung discusses his career, offers his thoughts on the crisis in Crimea, UN peacekeeping missions and offers advice for young scholars of IR.

Interview – Nicholas Onuf

E-International Relations • May 9 2014 • Features

Professor Onuf discusses the professionalization of scholarship, the influence of his book ‘World of Our Making,’ and the top ten tips for flourishing in academia.

Interview – Laura Sjoberg

E-International Relations • Apr 25 2014 • Features

Professor Sjoberg discusses gender and war, queer theory, women and gender in the International Relations discipline, her new blog, and offers advice for young scholars.

Interview – Patrick Thaddeus Jackson

E-International Relations • Mar 3 2014 • Features

Professor Jackson discusses provincialism in U.S. IR theory, broadening theorists’ understanding of truth, sci-fi, and the influence of his book “Conduct of Inquiry.”

Interview – Richard Ned Lebow

E-International Relations • Feb 19 2014 • Features

In this interview, Professor Lebow discusses his intellectual development, the concept of identity in IR, the drivers of conflict, and his latest research.

Interview – Noam Chomsky

E-International Relations • Feb 3 2014 • Features

In this interview, Professor Noam Chomsky discusses the recent passing of Nelson Mandela, Iran, Israel-Palestine, the Syrian crisis, and his recent debate with Zizek.

Interview – Peter W. Singer

E-International Relations • Dec 30 2013 • Features

Peter W. Singer discusses his forthcoming book Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, global security threats, and how parenthood has changed his perspective of international security.

Interview – James Fearon

E-International Relations • Dec 16 2013 • Features

Professor James Fearon discusses responses to the civil war in Syria and offers his thoughts on the passing of Kenneth Waltz and the academic study of civil wars.

Interview – Norman Finkelstein

E-International Relations • Nov 4 2013 • Features

Norman Finkelstein discusses the future of the Palestinians, the BDS movement, Hassan Rouhani, the conflict in Syria and the follies of the academic tenure system.

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