Student Features

Student Book Features: China and Iran

Stephen McGlinchey • Jun 12 2012 • Features

China and Iran are two states that will cross many students’ paths. Both nations, for different reasons, are at the centre of important contemporary debates in IR.

Student Book Features: Two Global Politics Textbooks

James Wakefield • Mar 16 2012 • Features

Global political studies is a multi-faceted discipline encompassing IR, foreign policy, and domestic policy. To new students, it can be bewildering.

Student Book Features: Oxford Handbooks

Stephen McGlinchey • Jan 20 2012 • Features

Having looked at the Handbook of IR last Autumn, our first feature of 2012 weighs in on 3 of its sister volumes on Climate Change, Political Science, and Millennialism.

Student Book Features: 21st Century Issues in IR

Stephen McGlinchey • Sep 8 2011 • Features

The end of the Cold War led to the emergence of several areas of study that were somewhat muted in the era of superpower conflict.

Student Book Features: Two Essential IR Textbooks

Stephen McGlinchey • Aug 16 2011 • Features

Finding a good textbook to see you through your studies is no small matter. Books are not cheap, and a hasty purchase can be an expensive mistake.

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