Interview – Harini Amarasuriya

E-International Relations • Jun 25 2020 • Features
Harini Amarasuriya discusses social exclusion, stigma, discrimination and resistance in Sri Lanka and how the women’s movement and radical Christians influenced dissent.

Review – From Righteousness to Far Right

Alvina Hoffmann • Aug 29 2019 • Features
Mc Cluskey proposes an anthropological rethinking of critical security studies by focusing on the response of a small Swedish village to 100 resettled Syrian refugees.

Anatomies of Revolution

George Lawson • Aug 6 2019 • Articles
Revolutions have existed throughout human history, their greatest impact has been felt under modernity – the configuration of political, economic and symbolic processes.

Interview – Emma Mc Cluskey

E-International Relations • Oct 4 2018 • Features
Emma Mc Cluskey talks about her forthcoming book Righteousness to Far Right, anthropological approaches to International Political Sociology and radical reflexivity.

The Role of Emotions in the Processes of Interaction with International Law

Nicolás Carrillo • Jan 2 2018 • Articles
As individuals are emotional beings, it is not surprising that emotions can play a role in conduct that shapes, or is addressed by, international law.

Interview – Daniela DeBono

E-International Relations • Dec 10 2016 • Features
Daniela DeBono discusses her approach to the migration-human rights nexus, explains a cultural approach to human rights, and urges young scholars to question assumptions.

Review – The Personal and the Professional in Aid Work

Jeevan Sharma • Feb 14 2014 • Features
Fechter's edited collection takes issue with the absence of the personal from the debate on aid work, yet fails to consider what giving more space to the personal means.

The Ivory Tower Disconnect: Going Beyond Terrorism Experts Out of Academe

Dan G. Cox • Aug 21 2013 • Articles
There is a disconnect between political science research and practical policy outcomes. This will continue until there is a real movement to break the elitist nature of academic ivory towers.

Military Ethics and Cultural Knowledge

George R. Lucas Jr. • Mar 20 2012 • Articles
Each approach has its own inherent limitations. The human terrain approach was a ‘quick-fix’. But maybe the US Air Force's model of cross-cultural competence offers more promise.

HTS Redux: A “Halfie” Calls for an Anthropology of the Military

David Bayendor • Mar 1 2012 • Articles
If we insist on using our military as a tool of diplomacy then it is essential that cultural training be a core part of the military skill set.

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