Bashar al-Assad

Opinion – China and the Rebuilding of Syria

Roie Yellinek • Mar 23 2020 • Articles
Chinese investment in Syria is a statement of intent for now. The war will have to end before China will take any significant further steps.

Interview – Michael Stephens

E-International Relations • Oct 26 2017 • Features
RUSI's Michael Stephens answers questions on the recent referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, Trump's Middle East policy, developments in Syria and the Iran nuclear deal.

Donald Trump’s Legitimacy Crisis following the Syria Bombing

Adrian Gallagher • Apr 11 2017 • Articles
The answer to the Syrian issue lies not in unilateralism, nor the UN Security Council, but in invoking the UN General Assembly's Uniting for Peace Resolution.

Remembering the ‘Forgotten’ Kurds in Syria

Yasin Duman • Oct 31 2014 • Articles
Under Assad, Syrian communities were often segmented based ethnicity, religion and politics. Autonomy appears to be achieving reconciliation, in spite of the ongoing war.

Syria and the Crisis of Humanitarian Intervention

Michael Aaronson • Feb 11 2014 • Articles
The human suffering in the Syrian crisis since February 2011 is, above all, a tragedy for the Syrian people, but also demonstrably a crisis of international intervention.

Syria and the Responsibility to Protect

Ramesh Thakur • Feb 4 2014 • Articles
Syria has thrown up challenges, but not thrown out the R2P. There is an interest in clarifying the norm to prevent misuse but no demand to rescind the norm.

Syria: Par for the Course

Daniel Serwer • Feb 2 2014 • Articles
When all else fails, an agreement to meet again is trumpeted as success. If the talks fail, they should do so in a way that leaves open the possibility of reconvening.

Edited Collection – R2P, Syria and Humanitarianism in Crisis

E-International Relations • Jan 20 2014 • Features
A free edited volume bringing together the leading voices on R2P & humanitarian intervention to examine the doctrine’s validity in the context of Syria’s humanitarian emergency.

How War Weary Are We?

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Sep 15 2013 • Articles
The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have made the U.S. public war weary, which is constraining Obama’s efforts to mobilize support for a strike against the Assad regime. But, how accurate is this picture?

Lessons From WWI

Peter Vale • Sep 13 2013 • Articles
Next year marks the Centenary of the First World War. Watching the tragic events unfold in Syria provokes one to think of the lessons learned from the carnage brought about by WWI.

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