Bosnian War

Interview – Lene Hansen

E-International Relations • Jul 12 2018 • Features
Prof. Lene Hansen discusses securitization scholarship, developments in discourse analysis, and the role of images and the 'visual turn' in International Relations.

Using Gender Lenses to Decolonize Trauma and Memory in IR

Erica Resende and Dovile Budryte • Feb 12 2016 • Articles
The intersections of two bodies of literature—feminist perspectives in (and on) IR and the study of traumatic memory in IR—offer a promising avenue for research.

Review – This War of Mine

Jane Kirkpatrick and Sven Schiltz • Feb 7 2016 • Features
By putting the civilians’ experience at the forefront, TWoM addresses the side of war that is often overlooked in many forms of popular culture as well as IR discourse.

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