English School

Moral Responsibility in International Relations: the US Response to Rwanda

Cathinka Lerstad • May 6 2013 • Articles
The question we must ask ourselves is whether the complexity of considerations excuses inaction when confronted with situations of severe human rights violations.

An Overview of the English School’s Engagement With Human Rights

Adrian Gallagher • May 6 2013 • Articles
Looking at the world today, it is evident that although the English School does not explain everything, it does provide a fruitful framework for analysing the hope and tragedy of international society.

Translation and Interpretation: The English School and IR Theory in China

Roger Epp • May 5 2013 • Articles
It would be disingenuous to prescribe an IR theory with Chinese characteristics. At most, it is possible to say what a cross-cultural theoretical encounter might require.

Reassessing the Expansion of the International Society

Richard Little • May 2 2013 • Articles
To enter European international society, a ‘standard’ of civilization had to be met, despite the fact that European states could not meet every aspect of this standard, in the evolving international society.

World Society and English School Methods

Cornelia Navari • May 1 2013 • Articles
The English School in IR theory is generally associated with the notion of international society, which suggests that there is much institutionalization of shared values, mutual understandings, and common interests.

Taming the Anarchical Society

Ian Hall • Jul 5 2012 • Articles
We should see The Anarchical Society as a book more important for what it says about Western anxieties in the latter half of the 1970s than for what it might offer latter-day theorists.

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