First World War

Review – Reading the Postwar Future: Textual Turning Points from 1944

Richard Toye • Apr 22 2020 • Features

This edited volume is a project of intellectual history, exploring how key texts from 1944 reflected on and helped shape a different world order.

The Great War and the Polish Question in Imperial Russia, 1914–1917

Ivan Basenko • Mar 18 2019 • Articles

This study uncovers the evolution of the Kiev press’s attitude towards the Poles within the context of the German‑Russian clash in the First World War.

American Policy towards Czechoslovakia, 1918–1945

Artem Zorin • Mar 13 2019 • Articles

Despite calls for support from Czechoslovak democratic forces, the U.S. showed no intentions of increasing its influence in the republic following both World Wars.

Balancing in Central Europe: Great Britain and Hungary in the 1920s

Tamás Magyarics • Mar 13 2019 • Articles

The most important issue in British-Hungarian relations was the economic and financial stabilisation of Hungary, which reflected British priorities within the region.

British Policy Towards Romania, 1936–41

Sorin Arhire • Mar 3 2019 • Articles

For almost the entire interwar period, more precisely until 1938, Great Britain did not have a clearly outlined political or economic strategy towards Romania.

Student Feature – The Evolution of the Nation-State

Erik Ringmar • Jan 12 2018 • Student Features

This student feature introduces readers to the development of nation-states. Once believed to offer perpetual peace, they soon gave rise to an even harsher form of war.

Review Feature – The Armenian Genocide

Levon Chorbajian • Jul 11 2016 • Features

The Armenian Genocide is rarely front page news, but it roils in the background as Turkey continues to struggle with its very large non-Turkish Muslim population.

Review – The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914

Christian Scheinpflug • Nov 17 2015 • Features

A work of prime scholarship on the origins of the First World War, within which students and scholars of international relations will find plenty of substance.

Memorialising the Invisible

Martin Coward • Apr 28 2015 • Articles

Memorialisation in the Flanders raises important questions about bearing testimony to the place of an atrocity without prescribing a right and proper from of response.

Review – When the United States Invaded Russia

Christian Dennys • Aug 1 2014 • Features

Richard’s book should be read – not for lessons on Afghanistan & Iraq – but as a timely reminder of the dangers of mission creep and the consequences of the use of force.

Erdoğan’s Condolences: Too Little, Too Late within a Steadily Changing Context

Ara Sanjian • May 8 2014 • Articles

Many Armenians believe that Erdoğan’s condolences constitute too little at this stage and do not provide hope for any major breakthrough in Armenian-Turkish relations.

The Power of Peace: Why 1814 Might Matter More than 1914

Stella Ghervas and David Armitage • Apr 7 2014 • Articles

This year marks not only the centenary of the First World War, but the bicentenary of the Congress of Vienna. The contrast between memories of these events is striking.

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