Michel Foucault

International Political Sociology Contributions to International Relations

Hidayet Çilkoparan • May 23 2020 • Articles
The main objective of the Foucauldian IR should be to clearly present the possible original contributions to IR in understanding and explaining global politics.

Tears and Laughter: Affective Failure and Mis/recognition in Feminist IR Research

Lydia C. Cole • Apr 9 2020 • Articles
No one knows how or to what extent affect and failure will enter your research. So it may be reassuring to know that affect failure is not a failure of research practice.

10th Anniversary Interview – Charlotte Epstein

E-International Relations • Dec 7 2017 • Features
To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

Review – Civil Wars: A History in Ideas

Jan Tattenberg • May 19 2017 • Features
An exponent of longue durée history, Armitage brings together several trains of thought in this volume which begins in ancient Rome and ends in contemporary Syria.

Interview – Charlotte Epstein

E-International Relations • Jan 29 2017 • Features
Charlotte Epstein discusses the impact Foucault has had on her thinking, explains why discourse matters in the study of IR, and assesses the politics of surveillance.

From Sovereignty to War: Foucault’s Analytic of Power

Verena Erlenbusch • Dec 12 2015 • Articles
Foucault’s work draws our attention to the fact that in an age characterized by mechanisms of exclusion of those who threaten the human race that war, not sovereignty, is political strategy.

The Past Is Dead. Long Live the Past! A Manifesto for (Teaching) Social Change

Maïa Pal • Jul 17 2015 • Articles
Historiography becomes not only a valuable object of study, but also a crucial reminder that every present has its own version of the past.

Theory and Other Languages

Stuart Elden • Jul 9 2015 • Articles
While utilizing theory, can potentially be done only on the basis of existing translations, anything more substantive will benefit from attention to the original source.

Review – Sexing War/Policing Gender

Federica Caso • Jun 8 2015 • Features
Åhäll's volume explores cultural representations of female political agency and female political violence through the metanarrative of motherhood.

Greeks and Psychiatry in Crisis

Alexandros Argyriadis • May 29 2015 • Articles
The post-2008 financial crisis goes beyond the economic problems that Greece now faces. It has also created a generalized crisis in the field of psychiatry.

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