Review Feature – Re-examining IPE

Randall Germain • May 26 2022 • Features

The two books in this feature provide fresh perspectives on International Political Economy by questioning and advocating a shift away from established economic and historical narratives.

Interview – Aseema Sinha

E-International Relations • May 25 2022 • Features

Aseema Sinha discusses political development and economic transformation in India.

Introducing Globalisation in International Relations

Stephen McGlinchey • Mar 27 2022 • Online resources

People have always travelled from place to place and exchanged goods and cultural artefacts. What has changed, due to advances in technology and transportation, is the speed and intensity of this process.

Globalization and Transnational Crime

James J.F. Forest • Sep 16 2020 • Articles

Every country must engage with international institutions and incentivize a collaborative effort to turn the tide against transnational criminal networks. Failure to do so will only further embolden, enable and enrich them.

Reframing Globalization: COVID-19 and 21st Century Institutional Retreat

Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama • Aug 4 2020 • Articles

Under the aegis of a transformational pandemic we are either on the verge of planetary transformation or in the throes of inept leaders.

The End of Enlightenment and the First Globalisation

Richard Whatmore • Jul 16 2020 • Articles

The 18th century perspective upon international relations may be bleak. It does, however, reveal the early conditions of globalisation.

Review – The Making of Global International Relations

Stephen Michael Christian • May 28 2020 • Features

This book demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of International Relations, however incorporating disability studies could stimulate Acharya and Buzan to self-reflect.

Review – The Value of Everything

Brianna Nicole Hernandez • May 14 2020 • Features

With an eclectic view on the economy, Mazzucato constructs a complex configuration of value creation beyond the tangible.

Global Governance and COVID-19: The Implications of Fragmentation and Inequality

Masaya Llavaneras Blanco and Antulio Rosales • May 6 2020 • Articles

COVID-19 has seen nation-state specific solutions become the norm, but this fragmented response faces important limitations in implementing a global response.

Low-Cost Institutions: The New Kids on the Global Governance Block

Kenneth W. Abbott and Benjamin Faude • Apr 24 2020 • Articles

Low-Cost Institutions empower their executive, bureaucratic and societal participants, changing the pattern of authority in global governance and its actors composition.

Opinion – Coronavirus and the Need for Global Governance

Mark Coeckelbergh • Apr 6 2020 • Articles

Dealing effectively with global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis requires global political institutions, and the moment is now.

Review – The Age of Illusions

Elizabeth Austin • Mar 25 2020 • Features

Bacevich argues that the road from American expectations of global supremacy and perpetual prosperity to the economic realities of the US in 2016 led to Trump’s election.

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