The Syria on the Horizon

William Harris • Jun 14 2013 • Articles

Bashar al-Assad and his circle will continue to refuse any Syria that is not theirs. There is no daylight for diplomacy here. A plausible scenario involves a war of multiple phases lasting years.

Are They Intervening Yet? Power and Spillover in the Syrian Conflict

Ciaran Gillespie • Jun 11 2013 • Articles

Any question about whether the west should intervene in Syria is a fairly moot point when considering history. Although it may not be immediately recognisable, we have been intervening for some time.

Iran, the Arab Street and Avoiding a Military Strike

Stephen Ellis • May 31 2013 • Articles

Iran’s influence on the Arab world is waning. The regime faces increasing domestic and international pressures, and is looking for a game changer. This is why a military strike on Iran must be avoided.

Is Israel’s Deterrence vis-à-vis Hizbollah Diminishing?

Zaki Shalom • Oct 29 2012 • Articles

The launch of missiles and public provocation against Israel give Hizbollah, Iran and Syria much prestige without risking any significant retaliation due to the current election season.

After Assad: A Host of Challenges

Wayne E. White • Aug 8 2012 • Articles

Relations with a post-Assad Syria remain uncertain. Should Islamic militants play a role in a new order, they would likely be suspicious of the West, and deeply resentful of US support for Israel.

The Lebanese Cabinet Wears Hezbollah (And Iranian) Colours

John Corner • Jun 28 2011 • Articles

Looking ahead there are two major concerns for Lebanon. Firstly, if a new government cannot kick start the ailing economy and publicly support the Lebanese people by providing much needed water and electricity projects, then Hezbollah’s influence will grow, as Iranian money will finance vital social programmes, as witnessed already in the south of the country.

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