Hillary Clinton

Income Inequality & Subaltern America: Thoughts for U.S. Election Day

Patricia J. Sohn • Oct 27 2016 • Articles
The next President of the U.S. is going to have to face the consequences of high levels of income inequality among the grassroots of the American people.

Trump’s ‘Brexit Strategy’

Stephen McGlinchey • Oct 9 2016 • Articles
Trump has defied reality by gauging that enough voters will ignore the tide of critics mobilising against him, even a growing number of senior Republican Party figures.

Finger on the Nuclear Button: Gender, Responsibility and Nuclear Custodianship

Shampa Biswas • Aug 24 2016 • Articles
Hillary Clinton quite literally turned the tables on Trump – inverting the gender binary that had for centuries kept women from public office

Hillary Clinton’s Response to the Pulse Orlando Shootings

Ali E. Erol • Jun 15 2016 • Articles
Queer scholars must deconstruct discourses and affective structures that attempt to put queer subjects in binaries and offer citizenship in exchange of being a part of global warfare.

Interview – David Rothkopf

E-International Relations • May 16 2016 • Features
David Rothkopf elaborates on new journalism and discusses how fear has pervaded American politics since 9/11, the Obama Doctrine, and the ascendancy of Donald Trump.

Sanders vs Clinton on Economic Inequality

Benjamin M. Studebaker • Apr 23 2016 • Articles
If a Clinton presidency fails to deal with inequality and stagnation, the long-term consequence will be the strengthening of the most dangerous elements in US politics.

Hurricane Sanders in the Democratic Camp

Monish Tourangbam • Feb 16 2016 • Articles
The longer the race, the sharper the divide within the Democratic party. This should concern Hillary if she were to face a Republican candidate in November.

The Democratic Establishment Feels the Bern

Uma Purushothaman • Feb 11 2016 • Articles
Even if Clinton wins the nominations, Sanders has exposed enough chinks in her armour to make a Presidential contest tough for her to win.

Hillary Clinton, Israel and the Middle East

Andrea Dessì • Jan 24 2016 • Articles
No one in Israel or the US is under any illusion that Obama’s departure will end the underlining tensions that have rocked the US-Israel ‘special relationship’ over recent years.

The Strange Politics of 2016 US Foreign Policy

Harvey M. Sapolsky • May 3 2015 • Articles
The center of US foreign policy is to the right of Obama post bin Laden and to the left of George W. Bush. That is where you will find the leading candidates for 2016.

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