Human Rights

Troubling International Human Rights Advocacy

Yih Ren • Oct 28 2021 • Articles

With people’s precious identities being their detriments, we need to declare our values, voices, and positionality to abolish colonial episteme and reconstruct our social relations.

At the EU-Turkey Border, Human Rights Violations are No Longer Clandestine Operations

Meredith Veit and Flo Strass • Jun 3 2021 • Articles

If the Greek islands are closing down legitimate operations for humanitarian assistance, it will take a large toll on migrants and EU citizens alike.

Rejected Asylum Claims and Children in International Human Rights Law

Anne-Cecile Leyvraz • May 30 2021 • Articles

An international perspective creates a counter-narrative on migration that stands out from state-centered discourses on irregularity and fights against abuses.

Business and Human Rights, Poverty and Power: Bridging the Political Economy Gap

Business and human rights arguments have led to gains in corporate accountability and to labour rights in supply chains. However, it is also part of a wider movement that is subject to critique.

Opinion – Human Rights: The Underlying Battlefield of the Wolf Warriors

Eric Chan • Apr 27 2021 • Articles

To re-legitimize human rights diplomacy, ‘simultaneous interpretive pluralism’ of human rights should be acknowledged with economic and social rights and good governance.

Review – Rights as Weapons: Instruments of Conflict, Tools of Power

Daniel Braaten • Feb 21 2021 • Features

Clifford Bob presents the ways in which multiple actors use human rights to advance their agendas, both liberal and illiberal.

Human Rights and Civilian Harm in Security Cooperation: A Framework of Analysis

Daniel Mahanty • Feb 16 2021 • Articles

Even as the US Government shifts its stated defence priorities toward ‘great power competition’, the era of security partnership, and the emphasis on ‘by, with, and through’ is likely here to stay.

Opinion – The Path Beyond Trump in US Human Rights Policies

Andreas Yiannaros • Jan 11 2021 • Articles

Biden’s election provides an opportunity for the United States to begin along the path of restoring trust in its global human rights response and influence.

The Impact of Social Media Hashtags on Human Rights in Zimbabwe

Hoitsimolimo Mutlokwa • Sep 14 2020 • Articles

Pressure is mounting for the Zimbabwean government to respect the rule of law and respond to multiple human rights violations.

Interview – Salvador Santino Fulo Regilme

E-International Relations • Aug 8 2020 • Features

Salvador Regilme talks about Covid-19, Trump, Biden, and multilateralism in relation to US foreign policy, as well as the current state of the human rights regime.

Opinion – Impacts and Restrictions to Human Rights During COVID-19

Liliana Lyra Jubilut and Christina M. Cerna • Jun 30 2020 • Articles

As democracies are the best environment for human rights, weakening them impacts human rights protection.

Russian Democrats’ Stance on the LGBT Community: An Attitudinal Shift

Artem Patalakh • May 11 2020 • Articles

Russia has yet to reach a point where LGBT support is necessary for a democratic politician. However, it is already desirable and certainly not shameful.

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