Human Rights

Interview – Chris Ogden

E-International Relations • Oct 28 2022 • Features

Chris Ogden delves into the appeal of China’s authoritarianism, whether Western democracies have any responsibility for it, and the implications for human rights.

Interview – Mark Hurst

E-International Relations • Aug 17 2022 • Features

Mark Hurst discusses human rights debates during the Cold War and their impact on today’s relations between Russia and the West.

Global Governance: Human Rights and Environmental Governance

Kevin Bloor • May 19 2022 • Articles

The international community faces a number of issues and barriers that are integral towards the fight against climate change, running up against questions of power and influence over the system as a whole.

Interview – Courtney Hillebrecht

E-International Relations • Apr 19 2022 • Features

Courtney Hillebrecht talks about the complications and benefits of the international justice system, including the impact of the latest developments at the ICJ and backlash politics.

Introducing Human Rights in International Relations

Stephen McGlinchey • Mar 27 2022 • Online resources

It is easy to regard human rights as a failure because, much like international organisations, individuals have not become sovereign the way nation-states are. Yet, this is a premature conclusion to draw.

Opinion – Geographical Vicinity and Universal Values in the Light of the Ukraine Invasion

Vahagn Avedian • Mar 14 2022 • Articles

Responses to the Ukraine invasion put the spotlight on calls by numerous people who wonder where this outpouring of support was in their hour of need.

Business and Human Rights: Overcoming Old Paradigms, Pushing for New Frontiers

Florian Wettstein • Jan 9 2022 • Articles

We must move from the state-centric outlook on human rights and the corporate-centric view on corporate responsibility, to a rightsholder-centered understanding of business and human rights.

Interview – Georgi Engelbrecht

E-International Relations • Dec 15 2021 • Features

Georgi Engelbrecht talks about his role as a Senior Analyst for International Crisis Group, the Bansamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, next year’s elections in the Philippines and conflict in Southeast Asia.

Human Rights Reform in the UAE: Natural Socio-Political Evolution or Positional Strategy?

Reem Saeed • Dec 10 2021 • Articles

Human rights reforms can improve the UAE’s standing and advance its objective of becoming a regional hospitality, military and economic hub.

Troubling International Human Rights Advocacy

Yih Ren • Oct 28 2021 • Articles

With people’s precious identities being their detriments, we need to declare our values, voices, and positionality to abolish colonial episteme and reconstruct our social relations.

At the EU-Turkey Border, Human Rights Violations are No Longer Clandestine Operations

Meredith Veit and Flo Strass • Jun 3 2021 • Articles

If the Greek islands are closing down legitimate operations for humanitarian assistance, it will take a large toll on migrants and EU citizens alike.

Rejected Asylum Claims and Children in International Human Rights Law

Anne-Cecile Leyvraz • May 30 2021 • Articles

An international perspective creates a counter-narrative on migration that stands out from state-centered discourses on irregularity and fights against abuses.

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