Humanitarian Intervention

Opinion – Dangers Within Humanitarianism to Israel’s National Security

Giulia Dal Bello • Apr 1 2021 • Articles

The international community should recognize the well-established narrative against Israel and update judicial mechanisms to address asymmetrical conflicts and hybrid terrorist organizations.

Review – The Politics of Compassion

Eva Botella-Ordinas • Feb 26 2020 • Features

This fascinating book is a major contribution to understanding the politics of humanitarianism and citizens’ agency in the current international neo-liberal global order.

The Gaza Crisis: Restrictions and Challenges to the Humanitarian Space in Gaza

Yaser Alashqar • Nov 30 2019 • Articles

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening due to aid restrictions, counter-terrorism legislation and the imposition of a no-contact policy with Hamas.

Interview – Katarina Kušić

E-International Relations • Sep 12 2019 • Features

Katarina Kušić discusses the concepts of intervention and liberal governmentality, her research on Serbia, ethnography and decolonial thought applied to Southeast Europe.

Interview – Lucy Scott

E-International Relations • Jul 17 2019 • Features

Lucy Scott tells us about her PhD research on the British military intervention in Sierra Leone, the legacy of the intervention and gives her advice to young scholars.

Review – The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Luke Cooper • Jul 4 2019 • Features

Mandelbaum’s book is an analytically flawed, contradictory and unconventional piece of realist scholarship that considers the instability of the post-Cold War period.

Review – Media, Propaganda and the Politics of Intervention

Greg Simons • Jun 7 2019 • Features

Zollman’s book provides a well-supported analysis of the nature and significance of media, propaganda and intervention using six key events reported in three countries.

Interview – Gustav Meibauer

E-International Relations • Apr 23 2019 • Features

Postdoctoral Fellow, Gustav Meibauer, discusses the effectiveness of ‘hybrid tools’ of foreign policy, neoclassical realism, diversity within IR and teaching innovations.

Review – Unwinnable: Britain’s War in Afghanistan 2001-14

Paul Dixon • Dec 20 2018 • Features

Theo Farrell’s recent book provides some new insights into Britain’s war in Afghanistan though there is ambiguity over the point at which the war was unwinnable and why.

Humanitarian Intervention: Alive and Kicking

Phil Cole • Nov 29 2018 • Articles

When it comes to military action to prevent mass atrocity crimes, it seems that key players in international politics have abandoned the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

Review – Debating Humanitarian Intervention: Should We Try to Save Strangers?

Garrett Wallace Brown and Samuel Jarvis • Nov 12 2018 • Features

The authors tackle the ethical issues surrounding humanitarian intervention and the principles of sovereignty and non-intervention – from two competing standpoints.

The Responsibility to Protect Has Turned into a Strategic Mistake

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Oct 1 2018 • Articles

R2P has become a strategic conundrum that is being abused by powerful nations to further their own self-interest while it could become a drain on other economies.

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