Reproducing the European Gaze Through Reflexivity: The Limits of Calling Out Failures

Ewa Maczynska • Apr 19 2020 • Articles

There is a need to problematise the notion of ‘failure’ through its reliance on and reproduction of reflexivity as a positioned practice advocated by scholars.

10th Anniversary Interview – HA Hellyer

E-International Relations • Dec 8 2017 • Features

To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

Hidden Victims of International Terrorism: Muslim Women in the USA

Serap Gur • Oct 31 2016 • Articles

Muslim women face a dilemma: in some places they are attacked for not wearing a headscarf, in others for wearing one. After every new terrorist attack, they are targeted.

Islamophobia(s) In the Aftermath of the Nice Attack

Aurelien Mondon and Aaron Winter • Jul 28 2016 • Articles

To understand the changing nature of Islamophobia, it is necessary to understand it in the plural and to differentiate between its illiberal and liberal forms.

Interview – H.A. Hellyer

E-International Relations • Oct 10 2015 • Features

Dr H.A. Hellyer answers questions on contemporary Islamist politics, relations between European states and their Muslim populations, and the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

Review – Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web

Anne Stenersen • Jun 1 2014 • Features

Ramsay’s analysis of online jihadi culture challenges current assumptions about this phenomenon and examines its limited translation to real world violence.

Sam Harris’ Liberal Masquerade

Al McKay • May 22 2012 • Articles

Harris’ politics represent radical authoritarianism and nativism masquerading as progressive liberalism, glossed by a veneer of academic respectability.

On Multiculturalism, Islam, and the Far Right

Terri E. Givens • Sep 13 2011 • Articles

The July 2011 attacks in Norway have once again brought the issues surrounding success of far right parties and movements to the fore in Europe, as well as governmental responses to immigration and immigrant integration. Although Anders Breivik attacked members of the Norwegian governing party, his “manifesto” focused on support for multiculturalism and the spread of Islam.

Israel’s New-Found Friends

Ronald Ranta • Sep 7 2011 • Articles

Many of Israel’s supporters and friends are groups that advocate hatred and intolerance. Israelis need to took a good look at themselves and decide whether they want to be associated with these racist parties. Whether Israel embraces or rejects these new-found friends will say much about the character and nature of its society and the direction it decides to take with regards to its future.

My Decade of Activism, Countering “Appearance-ism” and Fighting Islamophobia

Anya Cordell • Aug 20 2011 • Articles

Our biggest challenge is to be more attractive than those who tout rage as their ‘answer’ to prior rage and retribution; leading only to endless cycles of destruction. How to inspire haters to renounce hate, is our challenge. We face this hurdle within ourselves, as well, when we fall into feeling this way about the haters, or when we even fall into hating ourselves.

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