Open Access

Interview – Stephen McGlinchey

E-International Relations • Dec 29 2018 • Features

As part of a series of interviews on Broadening Engagements with International Affairs, The ISA’s Jamie J. Hagen interviewed E-IR’s Editor-in-Chief.

Open International Relations: The Digital Commons and the Future of IR

Paul Kirby • Nov 16 2015 • Articles

A systematic transformation of scholarly publishing is some way off. Initiatives show that there is space to do better, and a promising journal system to be built.

The Importance of Open Access

Stephen McGlinchey • Aug 20 2015 • Articles

Open access is a simple idea. People should be able to access scholarship freely and easily. However, in practice there is a long way to go to meet that goal.

Interview – Stephen McGlinchey

E-International Relations • Apr 29 2015 • Features

E-IR’s Editor-in-Chief gives an insiders perspective on the operations of the website, discusses the relevance of social media & blogging, and addresses the importance of open access.

Publishing or Perishing in the 21st Century

Stephen McGlinchey • Apr 9 2015 • Articles

Everyone knows the phrase ‘publish or perish’. But, what does that mean to today’s early career academic as they try to balance their workload and plan their publications?

Still Waiting for the New Electronic Order

Christopher May • Aug 11 2013 • Articles

There are avenues by which IR can move into open access, but have we taken advantage of possibilities for changing the way we communicate and disseminate our research and analysis?

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