Regional Security

Interview – Courtney J. Fung

E-International Relations • Jan 20 2020 • Features
Courtney Fung discusses change and the drivers of change in the state system, China's role in the UN and internationally, as well as China's goals compared to India's.

Interview – Pınar Bilgin

E-International Relations • Jul 23 2019 • Features
Pınar Bilgin explores her research on international political sociology, postcolonial thought and critical security studies, particulalry in relation to the Global South.

Science, Technology and Security in the Middle East

Yannis Stivachtis • May 23 2019 • Articles
The technological dependence of Arab countries has enhanced their vulnerability to outside interference and reduced their internal, national integration.

The Changing Nature of African Conflicts: Regional Electoral Insecurity

Africas' insecurity has been seen largely in the form of coups, genocides, ethnic cleansing, xenophobia, and lately rampant of all is electoral insecurity.

Argentina’s Perseverance and Stability in the South Atlantic

Christian Scheinpflug • Jun 12 2016 • Articles
A dominant Argentina may unhinge the Antarctic Treaty. Britain must put forward a diplomatic offensive in the region and at the UN.

Upgrading the Arab League by Establishing a Joint Military Force?

Martin Beck • May 22 2015 • Articles
It cannot be excluded that the initiative to build a Arab military force will share the fate of previous launches: a big announcement followed by a rather low performance

Review – North Korea and Northeast Asian Regional Security

Benjamin Habib • Mar 24 2015 • Features
Shen's edited book presents a good collection of regional perspectives on the security problems posed by a nuclear North Korea during the late-Kim Jong Il period.

NAFTA’s Future and Regional Security Cooperation

Richard W. Coughlin • Mar 7 2015 • Articles
The ultimate fate of NAFTA might be that the forces it has unleashed – mass migrations and transnational organized crime – are too powerful and destabilizing to contain.

ASEAN: Going It Alone? Not Quite

See Seng Tan • Jul 2 2014 • Articles
Despite decades of confidence-building, distrust among ASEAN member states has remained high, limiting the extent of intraregional cooperation.

Review – United States-Africa Security Relations

Kevin Dunn • Mar 11 2014 • Features
Kalu & Kieh's edited collection presents a key understanding of where US-Africa relations should be going, instead of an adequate analysis of where they are now.

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